Frenemies forever: Valentine Accident!!


1. 1

"BEEAAAAAA!!!" Candy's shrieking went for hours. first, snacks time, second, lunch time, third, GOING HOME TIME!! one more of that shrieking noises i'm going to whip her tongue out! WHIP, WHIP!! she was telling of the valentine's day party she just hosted. i was like, "WHATEVER!!" she was forever saying stuff and gossiping of what her lovely party would look like. "it would be perfect like the loving sun!!" Candy said. "it's going to have fantastic candies since i'm a "CANDY" girl!! i'm going to have cotton candy and marshmallows in a shape of a heart!!" "you mean the party that's deepest to your heart?" i asked, snickering. "MMMMHHHHMM!!" she said in a wide smile. i burst out laughing. i was laughing like Squidward from the Spongbob Squarepants. Candy said goodbye and told me i need to have a dance partner for the dance. i was still laughing. i slammed closed the door. there's just no-way i'm going to join that party. all the people hugging? well, there's one time when i was in 5th grade. Clover invited me to a valentine's party i was bored, so i spent the whole party sitting around with my designer clothes and putting on lipsticks. plus, every guy from school is scared with me. everyone except Jackson. he's shining like a pearl. every girl in school has a crush on him. probably because he's 100% cuteness and kindness! i mean what in the world i could ask Jackson to be my VALENTINE? i flew to my bedroom. i can still join the valentine's party without a date. i could shop for cute clothes and shoes from PIERRE CARDIN!! cause i'm a

                            EVIL TEENAGER!!


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