Mr. Styles

Hannah is an ordinary girl, her parents move to London and drag her with them. She has to start a new school. What happens when she falls for her teacher, Harry Styles?
(In this story Harry is not famous, he is an English teacher!)


2. Two.


"I was walking through the halls looking for Kalista and I didn't know where to go. It was my first  day for Christ's sake. Anways, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and I bumped into  someone and dropped all of my books. 'Sorry' I said, not looking up to see who it was. 'No, it's  my fault.' The person said and his voice sounded very familiar. I looked up and it was Mr. Styles.  We stared into each others for a second until I dropped my gaze and he started picking up my  books. 'Uh, thanks.' I said nervously. 'No problem, Hannah is it?' He asked. 'Yep.' I say  confidently. He looked into my eyes again. Oh boy, I knew where this was going. Not that I didn't  want it to happen. He was hot. But I didn't want to suffer the consequences of falling for my  teacher. He grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. I dropped my books and we went into  a cleaning supplies closet, without letting our lips seperate." I say like it was only yesterday. "Ew,  mummy, kissing is gross. You get boy germs." Darcy says. Oh Darcy, if only you knew. "I know  baby, I know." I lied. "Continuing the story..." I start and she smiles. "We made out for about ten  minutes before he pulled away, out of breath. He looked into my eyes and smirked. I looked at  the ground and I suddenly felt a blush creeping onto my cheeks, I was so embarrased. I opened  the door and ran away, crying. 'HANNAH! COME BACK!' He yelled and I just kept running. I had  to find Kalista. I eventually found her sitting with some other girls. I was crying. 'Hannah, what's  wrong?' She asked. 'Nothing.' I lied, wiping a tear away from my eye. 'Something's wrong. Please  tell me?' She begged. 'Fine, you know Mr. Styles?' I ask, knowing the answer. 'Yeah, the hottest  man alive?' She asked. 'That's the guy' I said, not crying anymore. 'Well?' She asked. 'Oh, um he  er... kissed me.' I say and her mouth forms an 'o' shape. 'You're joking.' She says in disbelief.  'No.' I say. 'Wow, um... okay, I wish I was you, that man is hot.' She says. I can't help but laugh.  'Yeah, I know. What do I do?' I ask her. 'I don't know, babe.' She says. 'Oh, okay. Who are these  people?' I ask, gesturing the girls at her table. 'Oh, this is Madi, Camille, Kira and Yeji.' She says.  I smile at them all and say a friendly 'Hi'. The bell rings and I head to science class."

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