Mr. Styles

Hannah is an ordinary girl, her parents move to London and drag her with them. She has to start a new school. What happens when she falls for her teacher, Harry Styles?
(In this story Harry is not famous, he is an English teacher!)


3. Three.


Hannah's P.O.V- "The rest of that day was boring, I went home and looked at my english homework. I opened to  the first page and saw that there was a heart drawn on the corner, I wondered who drew that. It  might've been Mr. Styles. I kept thinking about that kiss with Mr. Styles. God, I didn't even know  his first name. I finished my homework and went to bed... The next morning I woke up too see I  had a text from Kalista. 'Need a ride 2 school? x' It said and I quickly replied 'Yes' with my  address. I had until 8:00AM to get ready. I brushed my teeth, straightened my hair and got  dressed into the stupid uniform they made us wear. The skirt was too short and there were no  sleeves on the white and green plaid shirt. Kalista came to my house soon and I walked out the  door and into her car. We talked about some random stuff until we got to school. I sat down on  the bench and she followed. 'Look!' She whisper-yelled. I was about to ask what I was supposed  to be looking at until I saw Mr. Styles sitting over outside the staff room. Oh boy, I thought. I  waved to Kalista and quickly walked away. I hoped he didn't see me. But he did. 'Hannah?' A  thick British accent filled the air. Styles. 'What do you want?' I asked, looking to the ground. 'I'm  really sorry about yesterday, I shouldnt've... you know.' He said, his voice full of regret. 'It's er...  fine, Mr. Styles.' I lied. 'Good. And please call me Harry' He said. 'No, I'd rather call you Mr.  Styles.' I said, now I knew his first name. Harry. Harry Styles. What a cute name. No! Snap out of  it, Hannah! I yelled in my head. 'Okay. Well, I guess I'll see you in english class then.' He said,  walking away. I wanted to be a writer when I grew up so I had english everyday. Lucky me, I thought. I had to see Harry, I mean Mr. Styles every day. Ahh. Damnit. Oh well, I'll survive. Or at least that's what I thought..."  
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