Mr. Styles

Hannah is an ordinary girl, her parents move to London and drag her with them. She has to start a new school. What happens when she falls for her teacher, Harry Styles?
(In this story Harry is not famous, he is an English teacher!)


1. One.


Hannah's P.O.V-   I'm asleep next to my husband, Harry. It's 2:00AM and I'm fast asleep until I feel a gentle tap on my arm. "Mummy?" My four year old daughter, Darcy says in her adorable little voice, waking me up from my sleep. "Yes, baby?" I say, rolling over so I'm facing her. "I had a bad dweem, can I sweep with you and daddy?" She says, still learning how to say her words properly. I understand that she meant. "Of course, baby. Come on." I say, grabbing her by the waist and putting her in between Harry and I. "Tank you mummy," She says, giggling. "It's okay, Darcy. Do you want to talk about your dream?" I ask. "I dweamt that daddy weft and you were crying." She says, letting a small tear escape her eye. I was about to say something when she asked "Mummy, is daddy ever gonna weave us?" She asks and I look to Harry who is still asleep beside me, snoring a little. "No, baby daddy won't ever leave us, he loves us both very much." I say with a smile. She smiles too, how cute. "Yay, I don't ever want daddy to weave." She says and I smile again. "Me too." I say. "Mummy, when did you love daddy?" She asks and I know she means 'When did you fall in love with daddy'. I take a deep breath and start the story, Darcy snuggles up next to me. "Well, I was eighteen, starting my last year of high school..." I say and I see her smiling already. "I was new at this school because my mummy and daddy made me move to London with them-" She cuts me off. "Ooh! Is that gramma and granpa?" She asks. "Yes, sure is. Now let me get on with the story." I say and she nods frantically. "I was at assembly on the first day of school and I was getting introduced to all of the teachers. The principal was going through some of the teachers, Mrs. Fern, Ms. Judwick, Ms. Adree and Mr. Styles" I say and she buts in "Is that daddy?" She asks and I nod my head. "Anyway, I went off to maths class and I made a new friend, her name was Kalista. She told me that the english teacher was supposed to be really hot and I thought about Mr. Styles from the assembly. I wondered if that was him. I was really excited for english class now. I had that class next so when the bell rang, I walked in only to see the hottest man ever, Mr. Styles." I say and look at Harry, still asleep. "I sat down at the back and he introduced himself 'My name is Mr. Styles but you can call me anytime.' He joked with a wink. The whole class laughed at his flirty joke, including me. I thought that he was very hot. The whole lesson, I didn't pay attention because I was too busy staring at Mr. Styles. The bell rang and I went out to lunch to find Kalista. That's how it all started." I say, I decide to tell her the whole story.  
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