Mr. Styles

Hannah is an ordinary girl, her parents move to London and drag her with them. She has to start a new school. What happens when she falls for her teacher, Harry Styles?
(In this story Harry is not famous, he is an English teacher!)


4. Four.


"The next few days were boring, nothing really happened with Harry, I mean... Mr. Styles and I. It  went back to being a normal student-teacher relationship. I was having a bit of trouble with the  current subject in english so Mr. Styles offered to help me after school. I agreed. We were sitting  together at his desk and he was helping me understand what we were learning about at the  moment. Then I heard a massive alarm. 'What the hell is that?' I asked. 'The fire alarm.' Mr. Styles  replied. 'What do we do?' I ask, scared. 'When there is a fire, we have to stay inside the class until  we hear another bell saying it's safe to come out, which could be a good two hours.' He says  sadly. 'Yay!' I said sarcastically. He chuckled. We were just about done with the work now. It had  been about an hour and a half, he looked into my eyes and I sighed. Not again. Shit. This time, his  eyes were full of lust, like they were hungry for me. What the hell. I swiped my arm over the desk,  knocking everything off of it. He winked at me. Gosh, this man is hot. I sat up on the desk and he  pushed his lips onto mine" I said and I realized that I couldn't tell a four year old the next part.  Yeah, We did it. "Mummy, can you continwue the stowey?" She asks me, snapping me out of my  thoughts. I nod and continue, "Well we just kissed..." I lied and continued with what happened  after that whole 'having sex' thing. "In the middle of the kiss..." I lied, not exactly kissing. "The bell  rang and we both lay on the desk together, it was a really big desk, it fit us both on it." I say and  remember us quickly putting our clothes and rushing out. "I just ran home, I didn't know what to  do. I was so embarrased. I couldn't let people find out about what had just happened so I decided  they wouldn't. I wouldn't even tell Kalista, even though I really wanted too."  




A/N: Sorry I haven't updated in like, FOREVER! I sneaked out with my friend to go to a party when I was grounded so I got my computer, iPod and phone taken for 2 weeks! Harsh much :( Anyways, I'll try to update tonight and if not, tomorrow :D Hope you liked this chapter! I realized that I can't write anything 'sexual' because in the story, she is talking too a 4 year old. Sorry 'bout that :/ Bye guys! Thanks for the 28 favourites! ~Hannah<3x  

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