Endless Time

A 18 year old girl named Asiah (pronounced Asia) moves to London with her bestfriend after graduating highschool. She bumps into a boy, Is it love? or Is it lust?


13. Chapter 9: A Date?

We decide to go inside and get something to eat. I slide the door open and walk inside. I stop in my tracks when I see Harry and Bree kissing each other and smiling. Bree was on top of the counter with her legs wrapped around Harry.
"Suddenly I don't feel like eating" I say turning to Niall.
He laughs.
"Well lets go into town and have some lunch" He says looking into my eyes with his beautiful blue ones.
I couldn't resist them, so I nodded yes.
"We're going out. See you later." Niall says.
"Bye!" I smile.
"Yeah okay, bye!" Harry says flicking his hand towards us.
I don't think Harry actually knew what was going on around him.
"Make sure you bring her back by midnight Niall!" I hear Bree yelling as we go out the door.

We walk down to the car. It was freezing. I jumped in the passenger side of Niall's car. He started the car while putting his seatbelt on. I looked over to him. I just dont understand why he likes me or why he wants to go on a date with ME, I think to myself. He looks over at me but I quickly turn away. "I saw you staring" he says looking back towards the road.
"No I wasn't!" I lie and smile.
"You're a really bad liar" he laughs.
I laugh.
"Okay, maybe I was looking at you for a little bit longer than I should've, maybe!" I smile and look out the window.
"It's okay! I understand!" He says while we stop at a red light.
"What do you mean?" I ask, confused.
"Who couldn't resist aaaall of this!" He says waving his hands over his body.
I laugh.
"Cute" I smile.
"I know!" He replies as we park outside a local Fish & Chips store.
I get out of the car and run up on the pathway.
"Cold?" Niall asks while locking the car.
"Very!" I say, my lips shivering.
"Come here!" He says while pulling me into his chest.
He wraps his arms around me. I felt so nice to be hugged like that. He rubs my back, to get me warmed up.
"Better?" He says looking down at me smiling.
"Better!" I say looking back up at him.
He lets go and we walk into the store to order.
"Ladies first!" He says opening the door for me.
"Thankyou!" I say walking through the door.
We walk in and order some chips. We walk over to the seats to wait for our food.
He glances down to me and I smile up at him....


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