Endless Time

A 18 year old girl named Asiah (pronounced Asia) moves to London with her bestfriend after graduating highschool. She bumps into a boy, Is it love? or Is it lust?


11. Chapter 8: Niall Visits

~Asiah's P.O.V~
That was so embarrassing but I didn't care that much. I was having fun.
"We'll go back down stairs while you finish whatever you were doing!" Bree laughed turning to go down stairs with Harry.
I laughed and shut the door. About five minutes later I'd had enough fun. I decided to walk down stairs and catch up with Harry and Bree.
I heard giggling from the kitchen as I walked into the kitchen, I saw Bree and Harry making pancakes together, if that's what you wanna call it. There was pancake batter EVERYWHERE. I cleared my throat and stood there with my arms cross. Bree and Harry quickly turned towards me.
"What are you two doing!?" I say.
"Making pancakes!" Bree says laughing.
"We invited Niall over, if you don't mind" Harry says wiping batter off his cheek.
"Why would I mind, it's not like we're dating and I need to know where he is all the time" I say quickly looking down.
"Woah! Calm down Asiah, he was just asking if you mind him coming over!" Bree says coming towards me.
"I don't mind at all. You'd better clean this up!" I say a little upset.
I see Bree and Harry raising there eyebrows at each other. I'm upset so I needed to calm down. I grab a book and sit down out on the patio, making myself comfortable I sit in my big straw chair. Smelling all the essence of London.

I get lost in my book. I'm disturbed when I feel someone tickling my ribs causing me to jump.
"Boo!" I heard the stranger whisper in my ear.
I look up to see Niall sitting on the couch in front of me.
"Hey Niall" I say putting my book down next to me.
He smiled.
"I heard that Harry and Bree made a mess earlier" He says putting his fingers through his blonde hair.
"Yeah, I forgive them though. They're cute together" I say smiling and turning to see them laughing together.
"They are, aren't they" Niall said smiling at me as I turn back around.
He keeps on smiling at me.
"May I help you Horan?" I say smiling.
"Yes actually!" He says smiling and sits up a bit.
"With what?" I raise my eyebrows.
"Explain to me why you're so beautiful?" He says with a serious tune.
"Easy. I'm not!" I say shrugging my shoulders.
"What!" He says sitting straight up now.
"I'm not beautiful!" I say looking back down at book.
I feel Niall kneel down in front of me. He puts his index finger on top of the book and slowly pushes the book down onto my lap.
"Yes you are!" He whispers staring at me with his blue eyes.
He leaned in, putting his hands onto my hips. Our lips are now so close. Just as his lips were about to touch mine. Harry opens the sliding door. We both turn to him.
"He- oh bad time, sorry!" He says quickly and walks back inside.
Niall looks back into my eyes.
"Now where were we!"
I laugh.
He pushes a piece of hair behind my ear.
He was about to plant his lips onto mine but I stopped him.
"Maybe we should go on a date first!" I say putting my hand onto his chest.
He looks at me, his eyes glistening in the sun.
"Okay, I will pick you up at 7 tonight!" He says grabbing my hand.
"Tonight?" I say checking my phone.
"Yep!" He says really excitedly.
"Okay, whatever will make you happy!" I say looking up at him.
He gets up and sits next to me.
"I'm glad you said yes!" He says pressing his lips together.
"Why?" I say turning my hand.
He pauses and then looks back at me. He gives me the biggest smile I've ever seen.
"Cause then I would've had to TICKLE YOU!" He yells and starts to attack me the tickles.
I start to scream.
"NO NIALL, PLEASE STOP!" I yell almost crying from laughter.
He laughs but then stops.
"Thankyou" I say relieved.

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