Endless Time

A 18 year old girl named Asiah (pronounced Asia) moves to London with her bestfriend after graduating highschool. She bumps into a boy, Is it love? or Is it lust?


9. Chapter 6: The Grocery Store

I wake up the next morning with Bree jumping up and down on my bed screaming.
I roll over and moan.
"What do you want!" I sit up rubbing my eyes.
"I just got off the phone to Harry and Niall told him that he gave you his number! Why didn't you tell me!!?" She raises her voice at the last bit.
"Cause I knew you were going to react like this"
She sits down next to me.
"Like what?"
I get out of bed and shuffle through my wardrobe.
" I don't know, you just act weird."
"What do you mean?" She questions.
"I don't know" I say shrugging my shoulders.
"Like he's gonna be my boyfriend cause he gave me his number!" I pull my shorts out of my wardrobe.
"I never said that but I reckon he likes you!" She says smiling.
"See!" I say walking to bathroom.
She laughs and lays on my bed.
"Now I'm going to have a shower, when I get out you better be gone!" I say closing the door behind me.

~Bree's P.O.V~
"Now I'm going to have a shower, when I get out you better be gone!" Asiah says closing the door behind her.
I laugh and roll over, letting my feet dangle over the side of her bed.
I decide to go down stairs and make some breakfast.
I open the mahogany cupboard. Nothing. There is absolutely nothing. I sigh and grab my keys. I got a piece of paper and scribble on it, telling Asiah I've left.
I quickly go down stairs and jump in my car.
I drive about 10 minutes down the road and parked outside of a little grocery store. I walk in grab some fruit and vegetables and then walk towards the butter and milk isle. I went to grab a tub of butter but then someone grabs it at the same time. I look up and see Harry standing there smiling.
"Hey!" I smile.
"Hey, what are you doing here?" He says into my ear as he hugged me.
"Grabbing some stuff for breakfast!" I say as we separated.
"Nice, can I have some?" He looks at me with puppy dog eyes.
I couldn't resist those emerald eyes so I said yes.
I quickly texted Asiah to warn her that Harry was gonna be with me.
We walked to the check out and then to my car.
Our cars were coincidently next to each others.
"Just follow my car and I will see you when we get there!" I say chucking the shopping in the back.
"Okay" he smiles and jumps in his car.

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