Endless Time

A 18 year old girl named Asiah (pronounced Asia) moves to London with her bestfriend after graduating highschool. She bumps into a boy, Is it love? or Is it lust?


3. Chapter 2: The Park

Bree finished her tea, we got dressed and walked out the door.
The park was only about 10 meters away from our apartment so it didn't take long to get there. The fresh cold air brushed against my face. The grass had dew all over it from the mist. We got to the park.
As we stepped up on the grass I noticed 3 boys playing some football.
"Football boys, cute" Bree turned and bit her lip.
I smiled but didn't say anything.

We went and sat down on a bench near a big tree that branched over us. The little pink and white flowers fell on the path beside us. We sat down on the cold wooden bench. We were talking normally when suddenly a ball came flying at us, bouncing off my arm. A blonde boy came running over.
"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry!" A strong Irish accent came out of his mouth.
He bent over and picked up the ball which was at my feet.
"It's okay!" I smiled at him.
"I'm Niall" he put out his hand.
"I'm Asiah" I put out my hand.
"That's an unusual name, I like it" he smiled, shaking my hand.
Our hands were still together. I suddenly pulled my hand back to my lap and snapped out of my trance.
"And this is Bree" I gestured my hands towards Bree.
Niall stuck out his hand towards Bree.
"Hey" Bree shook Niall's hand.
"Hey, nice to meet you Bree!" Niall shook her hand back.
Niall stood backwards as he heard the other boys shouting out his name.
"Did you guys want to come over to our table and hang out for a bit?" Niall smiled.
I looked over at Bree for an answer
"Do you want to?" I asked her
"Sure, why not" She nodded smiling.
"Cool" Niall smiled.

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