Endless Time

A 18 year old girl named Asiah (pronounced Asia) moves to London with her bestfriend after graduating highschool. She bumps into a boy, Is it love? or Is it lust?


2. Capter 1: Too Much To Drink

I woke up with the sun shining in my face. I looked over to an empty space to which I imagine a perfectly chiseled man would lay. I hate being single. I sat up, the room began to spin, maybe a little too much to drink last night. I slowly walked down the twisting white stairs, gragging my hand behing me. I finally got to the kitchen. I grabbed the silver kettle and walked over to the sink to put some water in it.

I pulled the string of the blinds letting in the sun rays through the kitchen. I let go of the string and stared out the window which looked out onto the city. I lost concentration and the water was over filling the kettle. I snapped back into concentration and quickly turned off the water and poured 50% of the water down the drain. I walked over to the black marble bench and flicked the switch. I opened the cupboard and took out my favourite mug. I grabbed a tea bag and waited a few minutes for the kettle to boil. I poured in the boiling hot water to about a quauter full as the steam blew up into my face. I dunked the tea bag 8 times just the way i like it. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8" I counted in my head.

I walked out onto the patio. I sat down on the big brown straw armchair and cupped my hands around my mug. I stirred my tea, "Asiah" I read my name off my teaspoon which was engraved onto it. An unusual name but that's the reason I loved it. I finished my tea and walked back inside. Soft footsteps came from the stairs. I looked up to see Bree walking towards the bench. Bree is my room mate we've been bestfriends for a very long time and we always said we would move to London from Australia and get an apartment, which is exactly what happened.
"Good morning!" I raised my voice abit.
"Shhh!" She said pressing her index finger to her lips.
"We are NEVER drinking again!" She growled and sat down on the stool in front of the bench.
I laughed.
"That's going to happen" I said sarcastically.
Her elbows were resting on the bench but soon enough they had collapsed and her head was now resting on the bench.
"How about I make you a tea and then we can go down to the park and Get some fresh air!" I said to her.
She lifted her head slightly.
"Okay" she half smiled and then put her head back down.

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