Nobody Compares

Brianna angel, is just an ordinary 16 year old, with a big liking on one direction. After accidentally running into them one day. Along with her four best friends, there lives won't ever be the same again.


3. The game

The car drive to the game was basically Silent. Us three girls were giggling every second and we just couldn't stop. As mum stopped the car. " girls!" She stopped us from getting out of the car, " here's some money incase you get hungry," I'll pick yøū up in three hours out the front." okay, bye" we all said as she drove off.. We stood out the front for a while, waiting for the boys to come, their car drove up as they all got out dressed up in disguises, so nobody would recognize them. "hello" they all greeted us politely. We entered the gate with no one noticing thankfully, "Louis, Liam.. Are you still dating eleanor and danielle?" I asked, I sounded a little bit rude "yes, they are" Niall chimed in, as he shifted over to me and started walking next to me. I look over to the teams dressing rooms, as I realize everyone was inside. "I'm playing on that field" I pointed to tell the boys "we start in a couple of minutes" I told them, as I grabbed my stuff and ran towards the dressing room door. " win for us aye?" Louis shouted out to me. I gave them all the thumbs up as I walked in the door.
Nialls p.o.v
Every time she smiled at me, I felt different, for some reason. Even though I ha just met her, it feels like I have known her for ages, I'm not sure if this would seem weird. But I think I'm in love.
Brianna's p.o.v
I walked in the door, noticing Niall smiling at me, I smiled back at him, as I felt my face go red. "your late" my manager says behind me. I turn around to see every one of my team mates faces staring at me, "I'm so sorry" I said, feeling guilty "I woke up late then we had to buy some food for breakfast, and then-" I got cut off. "okay, well. Just get your stuff on, we have a grand final today." my coach said, taking eyes off of me. We all start getting ready, as I hear one girl in my team say something "Oh my god, one directions in town! I'm going to their concert tonight!" she squealed with excitement. I laughed as I looked out the window and saw the boys find a seat to sit down, kacey sat right next to liam Olivia sat on the other side of kacey. Her face was completely red she was blushing so much.
Kaceys p.o.v
We walked into the gates with THE one direction. I couldn't believe it. As we waved to Brianna as she ran inside, Olivia sat on the grandstan- "come sit here" I saw Liam patting the seat next to him an gestured me to sit inbetween the two. He had a big smile on his face and so did I.
Olivias p.o.v
I was so overwhelmed. I couldn't even speak. Liam was obviously flirting with kacey, an- "hello Olivia!" Louis said to me, as he came to sit next to me. I finally had the courage to speak. "hi Louis" I smiled at him and looked at Something different to stop the awkwardness. "your beautiful." i heard someone say which made my heart stop. I looked, it ws Louis. "thanks Louis" I said blushing. I couldn't belive any of this was happening, "sorry I have to take this" Louis said awkwardly as he walked away and answered his phone.
Louis p.o.v
I sat next to Olivia because everytime I looked at her I smiled, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. We said hi, and it was a little awkward for the both of us, "your beautiful." I said, as I slapped my hand over my mouth, extremely unaware of why I said that. "thanks Louis" she said, with her blonde hair scattering over her face, she was beautiful. 'ring ring' my phone rang, and I ruined a perfectly good moment. "sorry I have to take this" I said nervously and I answered the call. "hello?" "Louis! Babe! How are you?" oh my gosh. I had completely forgotten about eleanor. "I'm good how are you?" I replied awkwardly. "good! Where are you?" she said curiously. " "umm, we are just at nandos picking up some food for Niall." I lied. "oh um, okay. Well I'm at nandos. With Danielle and you guys aren't here. where are yøū." she said. She sounded angry, "hold on, one second." i said as I covered the phone, "Liam, come here please." I said nervously. "what is it Louis?" Liam said, as he jumped of the grand stand. "Danielle and eleanor are at nandos. What do I say?" I asked, "well, dont lie." Liam said quickly "yøū lied didn't you?" "yes." I replied in sorrow. "I have feelings for Olivia." I said. Admitting the fact. "but you have a girlfriend?!" Liam shouted. "I know! But I don't like her anymore, she's nothing compared to Olivia." I shouted back. "tell her." Liam said calmly. I put the phone on my face and quietly said, "hello?" "where are you Louis? I need to tell you something, it's urgent." she sounded angry "okay come to the soccer fields. We are here." I hung up. "and?" Liam asked. "she needs to tell ME, something.."
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