Nobody Compares

Brianna angel, is just an ordinary 16 year old, with a big liking on one direction. After accidentally running into them one day. Along with her four best friends, there lives won't ever be the same again.


4. Start

Zayns p.o.v
The game has started. "Niall go get me some hot chips." I gave him Some money. "yeah ok" he replied, Niall walked over to the canteen while I sat awkwardly with Harry. "Soo uh. Brianna eh?" I said to him. "Yeah.." He mumbled and grinned, I could tell he fancied her. "Hey.. Um," he snapped out of his day dream, "is she my type do you think?" I was speechless, I don't know if It was jealousy talking of what. "You just met her mate." I snapped at him angrily, surprised on how It all came out. "Calm down" he scoffed. "It doesn't matter to you." "What's tht supposed to mean?" I answered back with a fire in my stomach "what I meant was that you totally dig her, and your scared I'm gonna get her before you" he said innocently. "Shut up Harry." I growled at him. "Umm.. I this a bad time?" Niall interrupted us death staring each other. "Not at all," Harry said as he patted his seat so Niall could sit in the middle of us to break the tension.

Olivia's p.o.v
"where is Louis and Liam?" I asked kacey. "They just walked off" she told me blushing. "I can tell your in love with Liam, kacey." I stated the obvious. "pffft, no!" she winked at me. We looked onto the field and Brianna was running on, we cheered as she looked at us, confused as to why Liam and Louis weren't there, we just shrugged our shoulders and looked around for them, we spotted them at the front gate so we walked over to them, "what are yøū two doing?" I said as the whistle blew. "the game has started!" kacey said to them. Liam let out a sigh. "we have to meet Danielle and Eleanor out here." my stomach dropped, of course. Louis has a girlfriend.
Kaceys p.o.v
I forgot all about Danielle and how she's dating Liam, I feel so stupid.
Liam p.o.v
I must admit. I also got a little worried, I forgot about Danielle, the way that Kacey looked at me, with that beautiful smile, I didn't realize I have a girlfriend. I don't know what I'm feeling for Kacey, but it feels about right. "The game has Started!" Kacey said as she walked up to us and got me out of my day dream. " we have to wait for Danielle and Eleanor out here." I said depressed, I looked over at Louis, who was looking at Olivia in sorrow. Then I looked over at Kacey and I saw the sadness in her eyes. "Louis, Liam, we have been wanting to tell you something for a while now. We can't go on as your girlfriends anymore.," I turn aroun to find elanor and Danielle staring at us with blank faces. "I'm sorry Liam" Danielle says hugging me. "We couldn't take the hate." She says, wiping a tear from her face. Eleanor does the same to lou. "Who are they?" Danielle whispered in my ear. "I need to tell you something also.." I say letting go of her. "This is Kacey, I'm seeing her." I looked over at her and gave her wink. "And I also have to say something." Louis stepped forward. "I am in love with Olivia." I look over at kacey and Olivia an smile. "It's okay boys, as long as we are still friends" Danielle Said with a smile. "Yeah, we better be going then," Eleanor said quietly.
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