Nobody Compares

Brianna angel, is just an ordinary 16 year old, with a big liking on one direction. After accidentally running into them one day. Along with her four best friends, there lives won't ever be the same again.


1. Ready?

"Brianna, wake up" I hear a whisper in my ear.. "Brianna, wake up!" I mutter to the voice as they poke me in the face. "BRIANNA WAKE UP!" "IM AWAK-" thud. I hit the ground hard. "oops, sorry" I look up to see my friends kacey and Olivia staring at me with cheeky smiles planted on their faces. "good morning girls" I mumble, as I stand up and take a stretch. "your mum wanted us to wake you up, you need to get to your soccer game" I hear Olivia say as I face plant into my bed. "get uupppppp, I'm hungry!" kacey says whilst dragging me off of my bed. "your mum says she will buy us something from nandos on the way to your game" groaned kacey, as she sat me down and started brushing my hair. "MUM!" I yell out , "WHAT TIME DO I HAVE TO BE THERE?" I asked curiously. "By 7:30!" she yells back. I look towards my iPod doc as I realize my friends were doing the same.. "SHIT" we all say, as the time says '7:15' "quick, Brianna! Get ready! I'm in the car!" mum pressures me, as Olivia throws my playing strip on top of me. As I quickly tie up my hair, the girls have already got my stuff and gotten into the car. I get my clothes on, and I hop out of the house to the car with one shoe on, I hop in the car as kacey and Olivia say "finally" from the back seat, I look at them
And smile and we all have a little laugh. "seat belts on?" mum asks us all. "yep, let's get to nandos, I'm hungry" kacey says in a funny tone and we all laugh, "let's get going then" mum says as we drive from home.
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