Nobody Compares

Brianna angel, is just an ordinary 16 year old, with a big liking on one direction. After accidentally running into them one day. Along with her four best friends, there lives won't ever be the same again.


2. Nandos

The breaks of the car screech as we step out of the car, kacey and Olivia run into nandos as fast as they can and start ordering their food. "I'm going to go get the paper from down the road. Behave." mum says as she hands me the money. As I go up to the counter to pay, the automatic door opens, the whole room glances over to the door and sees two very familiar boys in jackets with hats and sunnies on. I keep looking at the boys wondering where I've seen them, and by this point, Olivia and kacey have the same question in their head, but manage to keep their mouths shut. I sit down while the girls say "they look familia-" "I know, shh" I whisper to them, hinting that I don't want to make it too obvious we were staring at these two boys. One of them takes their hat off and we all notice. This boy had blonde, fluffy hair, that looks like it had just came out of a hair salon. "mm I'm hungry." says the boy, who seems to be Irish with his accent. "me too. Everything looks so delicious."says the second one, taking off his hat aswell. This boy had much different hair. He had black hair with a quiff, with a blonde streak in it, he sounded like he had and English accent. By this point. We were all just staring at these boys like a bunch of stalkers. Still not knowing who they were. Right at That moments mum walks in the door "time to go girls, bring the food with you." we all stand up at the same time, and walk over to my mum. We walked straight past the two rather attractive men, the blonde took a step back and bumped into me. Spilling food all over my shirt. "I'm so sorry!" the Irishman said as he grabbed a hand full of napkins and started cleaning the mess up, "it's okay", I said awkwardly, to the boy, "Niall your ruining her shirt!" said the boy next to him. For that moment. Everything stood still. Everything went silent. As kacey and Olivia were speechless. I decided to speak up; "your.. Your, Niall Horan?" I said. Sounding like a total idiot. "why yes I am," he said with a smile that made me blush, "nice to meet you," he put his hand out for me to shake. I shook his hand, "umm. Hehe, this is kacey, and this is Olivia" I said as I looked at them. By this point they were blushing so much they didn't know what to say. "what such beautiful names!" the guy next to Niall said. "hi, I'm zayn Malik" he introduced himself as he shook all of our hands. "sorry about Niall here being do clumsy and ruining your shirt" zayn said, with a grin. "no it's okay, I have plenty more" I said shakily. "I love yøū guys." I heard kacey and Olivia say behind me, zayn and Niall giggled. "would you like to meet the rest of the boys?" they offered. Everything went silent. The girls could not stop smiling, which I can understand why. I looked a bit stupid I was smiling so much. "we take that as a yes?" Niall said, as he brought us three back down to earth. We walked out side, we're Mum was in the car waiting, we walked towards her and introduced her to the boys, they waved and smiled at her, as they led us to the car parked right next to mum. "girls, meet Harry, Liam, and Louis" zayn greeted us. "Hi!" Louis said happily, "What are your names?" Niall introduced us to the three boys sitting there, "nice to meet you" said Liam, smiling at us. We all giggled. This was unbelievable. "hello girls" Harry said, smiling at me. "hi" I said. I must of sounded like an idiot I was that excited. Harry noticed my mum over my shoulder doing hand signals to Harry that we had to go "I think That lady wants your attention" I sighed. "what's wrong?" Louis asked me, "we have to go" I have to admit. I did drag it out to make them feel sorry for us. "we will follow!" Liam said. "what?" kacey and Olivia couldnt belive what was happening. "yeah! We will follow your car to get to know you a little more!" Niall grinned. "okay, see you when we get there" I said awkwardly, "where are we going ?" zayn said to Harry quietly, I heard zayn, so I answered "To my Grand final" I told them, as we drove off and they followed.
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