Nobody Compares

Brianna angel, is just an ordinary 16 year old, with a big liking on one direction. After accidentally running into them one day. Along with her four best friends, there lives won't ever be the same again.


5. Half time

Brianna's p.o.v
The whistle blows for halftime. And the score is still 0-0, I'm not on my best game. I'm too distracted with everything. My birthdays tomorrow. One direction are with me. There are too many things on my mind to think straight. My team has a drink of water and my coach gets angry at us for not playing our best. I'm not listening. I see Liam, Louis, kacey and Olivia walking together smiling, then I see Harry, Niall an Zayn, all looking at me. I wave to them but the only one waving is Niall. "Brianna are you even listening to me?!" My coach snaps. "Uh, yes.." I say innocently. The whistle blows again, I start to run out on the field as someone holds my hand and stops me. "I believe in you. You can win this." Niall turns me around "Get out on that field Brianna!" It was my coach. I start to run out and the game starts again.
Olivias p.o.v
Everything was perfect from that moment on, me and Louis were close and talking, and so were Liam and kacey. "Everything I said back there was true you know." Louis says to me and looks deep into my eyes as he grabs my hand. "I like you a lot." He says, I start to blush an so does he. "I really like you as well Louis." We go to sit down and he stretches and puts his arm over me. I smile at him and put my head on his shoulder.

Liam's p.o.v
Louis and Olivia were acting like a full on couple, while me and kacey stared at them. "I wish I had a relationship like that." She mutters. "What do you mean?" I ask curiously "Well, I've never really had a boyfriend before." She says silently. "Well, some boys just don't know what there missing out on. Your perfect." I say as I put my arm around her waist and cuddle her. "Thanks Liam. It means a lot." She says as she looks up to me. We hear a whistle blow and its the next half."we've forgotten all about the game" says Lou. Looking frustrated. Brianna looks up to us and smiles, we all wave to her.

Harry's p.o.v
Niall fancies her aswell as Zayn. She only notices those two. I'm not giving up. I love her.
Brianna's p.o.v
I believe I can win this. I mutter as I get the ball. I dribble through two players and pass it through to the out side. They cross it in from The far side and a player from my team passes it back to Me. I quickly shoot it as I hear everyone on the side line screaming at me. Everything was slow motion. The goal keeper dives for the ball. And I thought I had missed it. I walk away ready for a goal kick. Everyone cheers as I turn around and see th ball inside the net! The last whistle blows and we won the grand final. I turn around to the grandstand to see Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, kacey and Olivia running at me in joy. Everyone picks me up and starts cheering our team song. Then someone spotted Zayns hat fly off. "IT'S ZAYN!" she screams as he runs away with a big mob of crazy fans behind him. "Run!" Niall picks me up and we start running with Harry Liam Louis, kacey and Olivia. Mums car is parked out the front so me, Niall, kacey and Liam get into the car "DRIVE ILL EXPLAIN LATER" I yell as she drives home as quick as she can.
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