Sugar,Spice, and Poison

Samantha is a regular California girl with the typical teenage problems. But when she and her best friend Jacob are transported to a different land in the confusion of an earthquake, they have to fight their way through the dangers of an unfamiliar terrain with only the help of a local farmer boy named Daniel.
When they reach the queen, secrets are revealed Samantha and Jacob never would have believed.
And it's up to them to right the toppled world that Queen Crysala destroyed.


1. Chapter One

Sugar, Spice, and Poison

Chapter One

 I sigh in exasperation and scoop up my bag. The owner of the salon where I work,at least until this fall, is a perky, irritating woman. Susan, her assistant, is an irritable woman, which is honestly a big difference. She is now droning on about how I 'improperly' stacked the supplies in her closet. I run out of the building into the stifling heat of a summer day in California. I nearly choke on the hot, lifeless air. But it is better than listening to that awful woman yell at me over a couple of bottles of shampoo.

If I hadn't skipped out on work, I could count on the bus being there once I arrive at the bus stop. But I have left an hour early and I don't know when the bus will make another stop here. I almost turn back around to the salon, but something draws me toward the bus stop. So  I push on through the crowds of people.

 And when I arrive, a small surprise greets me.

"Jake? What are you doing here?" I ask my old friend. Jacob barely looks up at me when he greets me. An ashy blonde wave of hair covers his eyes while he ducks his head, but I know him too well to think he has just had a bad day. This is the work of his girlfriend Crissy.

Susan, in comparison to Crissy, is my lord and savior. Crissy is devil spawn and everyone but Jake knows it. I can't stand to see him like this. It happens a lot, but what do I say? 'Oh Jake, your girlfriend is a demon and she doesn't care about you at all. Have a nice day!'

I try to make a sympathtic face as I sit down beside him.

"Crissy stood you up?" I ask.

"Yea," He mumbles. "I've been waiting here an hour." I almost shake my head. How can he stand this girl. But instead I laugh, brushing hair from his eyes with a swift motion of my hand.

"It's been worse! You remember in the seventh grade when John, you know, the tall one, stood me up? I waited three hours! In the rain!" I chatter light-heartedly. He lifts his head with a smile.

"Yeah," Jake grins. "I remember that jerk showing up at school on Monday with a nice black eye from your brother."  We both laugh at the memory. My brother Tom had always been that kind of older sibling, the kind who would hit you jerky exes and not even bother asking you what his name is;the kind who occasionally let you paint his nails when you were little and now lets you take him to the mall and take pictures of him in girls' dresses. The kind of brother most people wish they had but aren't lucky enough to have. That kind of person who just protects you no matter what.Maybe it was why we got along so well.

But the happiness fades and I stand up stiffly. Something is wrong. I sling my bag over my shoulder.

"What is it, Samantha?" Jacob asks, concerned. He stand up now too. The busy downtown area is unusually quiet, like the whole town is holding its' breath. I screech loudly just as the first shudder in the ground hits us,

"Earthquake!" But we run, run the wrong way. The ground splits open in front of me and I feel myself start to fall. I grip desperately to the sides of the wounded earth. Jake grabs my hands, but we are losing ground.

I cuss loudly, then add wryly,"Good day to wear a heavy backpack,no?" He laughs weakly. Jake yells loudly as he too loses his footing and we tumble into the abyss. Debris rains after us. The fall rips air from my lungs and I can't even breathe. I am grateful when I hit my head and can no longer feel the pain from my loss of oxygen.

I have only one thought before I lose conciousness- At least Crissy can't hurt him anymore.

An odd thought, but I believed it was true. How wrong I was.




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