Sweet Niece

Our diva Katy Perry has a niece, Kylie Perry. She has to try to keep her aunt happy after her divorce with Russell Brand. What will happen when she finds herself in Zayn's arms on a normal day?


4. Why?

       Kylie's P.O.V

      Zayn leaned in and... "There's something in your hair," he stated, removing it. "I-I-I... Thanks," I sighed. I'm too stupid to think that he was gonna kiss me. "What's going on?" Louis smirked from his seat. "Nothing," Zayn said. He doesn't have feelings for me. Just great. "We're here," Niall stretched. "Perrie," was all Zayn said before he rushed inside. "Mm," I was about to cry. "Love, you alright?" Liam hugged me. I cried, tears streaming down my cheeks. "It's okay," Liam cooed. "Wahhh!" I wailed in his chest. The perfect big brother. "It's that right?" Louis sighed, rubbing my arm. "Yeah..." I slouched miserably. "We'll make him sorry," Louis grinned naughtily."How are-" I couldn't finish my sentence because Louis whisked me into the disco. Whoa! Was that Justin Bieber? OMG! That was Demi Lavato! Oh, I see Zayn talking to Perrie on that sofa! I hid behind the wall and listened to their conversation. "You called. Are you?" Zayn asked sadly. "No silly!" she smiled, kissing him. "Why then?" he asked again. "I'm going on tour. I'll see you in two months!" she replied  twirling her hair. "In that case, WAITER! One private sweet with a big bed," he winked at the waitress, handing her $100. "Sure," she smiled and lead them away. "Louis!" I wail. "Nah, it's okay," Louis sighs. "We get drunk, got it?" Liam comes to us. "Yeah," I smile a little. "C'mon, let's dance instead," a voice moved closer. Oh, so now THEIR dancing. IT IS ON. I grabbed Louis and we started slow-dancing. Perrie and Zayn moved in front and I could see Perrie snort in disgust at me. I thought she was nice! "Lou," I stared at him in the eyes and leaned in for a kiss. "NO!" Zayn plunged in between. "What the fu-" I cut myself off, minding my language. "Dude," I slapped Zayn. "What the hell is wrong with you? First, you say you have a girlfriend, 2 times. IN MY FREAKING FACE. Then, you interrupt me, when you're enjoying dancing with a snotty girlfriend who makes faces at me!" I screamed, crying. I burst out of the disco and locked myself in the car. "Paul, drive me back. NOW," I said sternly. "Yes," he sighed, tapping the accelerator. "KYLIE!" I heard Zayn shout. I don't care. Why should I?


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