Sweet Niece

Our diva Katy Perry has a niece, Kylie Perry. She has to try to keep her aunt happy after her divorce with Russell Brand. What will happen when she finds herself in Zayn's arms on a normal day?


2. Meeting With The Boys

       Kylie's P.O.V

       I woke up to Katy's voice begging me to wake up. "I'm up! I'm up!" I sighed. "Well, finally!" she complained. "Wear something sporty! We're going to the gym," she chimed as she left my room. Sporty? Sure. I took a quick shower and wore a yellow sports top -the one like a bra- and put on a pair of white yoga pants and yellow trainers. I tied my hair into a plait and grabbed a banana for breakfast. "Ready!" I called to Katy. "Okay, let's go!" she shouted happily.

      **2 1/2 Hours Later**

     "Finally! Done!" I heaved, tired from the workout in the gym. "We'll have lunch and then we'll go meet them!" Katy heaved as well, gasping for air. "Is it an interview?" i asked tiredly. "Nope, just a visit I guess, but in their studio, so we have to wear formal," she said as she grabbed a water bottle.  "That explains a lot then," I shrugged. We had salad and french fries for lunch and changed. After I changed, I sped downstairs so as to not be late. "Aw, Kylie! You look so pretty!" Katy beamed as she stroked my dress. "Thanks, you too... But what do I do with my hair?" I asked, fiddling with it. "Let me do it," Katy smiled. She straightened my hair and swept it back. Then, she handed me a green headband and I put it on. "Perfect! Thank you!" I hugged Katy tightly. "It's nothing, come on now," she laughed.

       Zayn's P.O.V

       "Nervous?" Harry asked me, half-laughing at me. "I guess," I shrugged. "I wonder who Katy'll bring as the special guest..." Louis wondered aloud. "Let it be a girl!" Liam begged, sinking to his knees. "Haha!" we all laughed. It had been a while we did. You know, too many interviews, commercials...etc... We were One Direction after all. "She, er, they are here," Paul announced. "Wait for it..." Liam whispered...

      Kylie's P.O.V

     Someone opened the door but Katy told me to wait outside until she calls me. She entered and I heard male voices greeting her warmly. Boy band, knew it. After a few minutes, Katy said," I have someone here today, could that special person please come out?" I knew the signal. I walked into the room and felt all eyes on me. "IT'S A GIRL!!" one of the boys danced around. "Hehe," I giggled, covering my mouth in embarrassment. "It's you!" a familiar British accent gasped. I looked up and saw the guy from yesterday. "Oh, it's you!" I furrowed my brow in surprise. "ZAYN'S IN LOVE!" one of the guys batted his eyelashes-if he had any- at him, glancing at him, then me. "DUDE! I have a girlfriend," he rolled his eyes. "Sorry, I'm Zayn Malik," he smiled, shaking my hand. 'I'm Kylie Perry," I grinned. "Wait, you're Katy's niece?!" they asked all at once. "Yeah?" I answered. "I'm Louis, he's Harry, he's Liam, he's Niall," the brown-haired one-Louis- introduced. I smiled warmly at them and shook hands with them while Louis kissed me on the cheek. "Um," I pushed him away. "You guys are so cute!" Katy giggled. "Katy!" I groaned. "Haha, bye," she smiled. "SAY WHAT?!" I protested as she ALMOST left. "They're in charge of babysitting you. Enjoy! I'll see you in a week!" she hugged me tight  "I'm going to England to record some songs and stuff," she explained as she kissed me on the cheek. "Be careful!" I called to her as she waved to us. SLAM. She left. "I turned to them. "Now what?" I asked. "We're gonna have some fun. First, we're gonna test you. Second, we're gonna go shopping. Third, we're gonna bring your stuff to our house. Forth, we're gonna do random stuff, and fifth, we're gonna go to the private disco," Harry grinned naughtily. "T-t-test me?" I stuttered  "Vocal skills," Niall winked. "WE'RE ONE DIRECTION!" Louis shouted randomly. "Oh, no wonder Zayn looked familiar," I shrugged, pointing at Zayn. "Haha," they laughed.


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