Sweet Niece

Our diva Katy Perry has a niece, Kylie Perry. She has to try to keep her aunt happy after her divorce with Russell Brand. What will happen when she finds herself in Zayn's arms on a normal day?


3. Let The Random Games Begin.

      Kylie's P.O.V

     The Boys led me into the recording room where they smirked happily at my nervousness. "My voice is really NOT nice," I tried to persuade them. "Nonsense," Niall rolled his eyes as he took my hand and led me near the mic. "What do you want me to sing?" I asked, turning to the boys. "How about a Christina Perri song?" Zayn suggested. "It's because it sounds like his girlfriend's name," Liam whispered teasingly. "Christina?" I asked, confused  "No silly! Perrie! That's his girlfriend's name!" Louis laughed. My heart darkened at the word 'girlfriend'. I think I'm jealous... "Okay, A CP song the," I confirmed as happily as I could. "But which one?" Harry looked at me. "Hmm... How about a thousand years, acoustic version? I could play the guitar," I said, looking at the guitar lying on the couch. "That's Niall's," Liam pointed at Niall eating a hot dog. "You could use it," Niall said with his mouth full. "Thanks," I smiled, kissing him on the cheek. Niall blushed a crimson pink. "Not in there though," I said as I sat on a stool. As I began playing, I took notice of their faces. "Haha," I laughed to myself. Their faces were surprised. Very. "There," I smiled as I put the guitar down. "WHOA..." Louis collapsed on the floor. "Lou! OMG!" I gasped as I knelt down next to him. "I'm... Okay.." he breathed slowly. "Good," I sighed in relief. "Y-You're really good!" Harry grinned, scratching his head. "Thanks, not that-" I was cut off by Zayn. "You're kidding right? THAT WAS AWESOME!" he cried out, wiping a fake tear from his eye. "Haha, thanks, what's next?" I asked. "Shopping," Louis smirked as he pulled my hand. "Okay..." I shrugged. "We're gonna get you something to impress Zayn, love," Louis whispered in my ear. "I..." I was lost for words. 'I don't like him!" I hissed, eyeing Zayn. "Yeah you do!" Louis argued, wrapping his arm around my neck. "Hey!" I yelled  trying to escape. "Lou, stop it," Zayn sighed as he untangled Louis's arms. "See?" Louis smirked with pride. "Thanks," I smiled as Zayn took my hand. Whoa, what am I doing?! I pulled my hand away and ran back to Louis. "Huh?" Zayn looked at me with a puzzled look. "He has a girlfriend Lou!" I cried. "But.." Louis started. "No," I covered his mouth and he pulled it away. "Fine!" he snapped. "Awe Lou, don't be angry!" I hugged him. "WAHHH!!" he fake-cried into my chest, clutching onto me. "It's alright," I cooed. I could tell the boys were confused. "We're here finally," Harry cried out happily. "In here!" Liam ushered me, leading me into Mango, the shop. 


        "I didn't need so many clothes guys," I rubbed my neck. "Of course you do," Niall stated in a voice saying 'as-a-matter-of-factly'. "Where to?" I sighed, throwing the bags on Louis and Harry. "To your house?" Liam said, pinching my cheek. "Daddy! cut it out!" I whined like a little girl. "Quiet sweetie," Liam shushed me, patting on my head. We took their limousine to my place and we ran in, eager to rest our feet. "Wow, your couches are so-" Zayn started. "Comfy? I know," I finished for him as I winked. "I had a walk-in closet so I wanted to show them why so many clothes was not necessary at all. "Guys, come on," I forced them to get up and follow me. "Look," I pointed to my closet.    

       Zayn's P.O.V

      I did not know she had such a big closet. "Why didn't you tell us?" I asked. "You didn't ask!" she simply said. I like- Whoa, dude, you have Perrie. Stop it. "Pfft, look!" Harry laughed as he held up a lace bra, see through. "Harry!" Kylie blushed in the cutest way. "I think you should use this with Zayn," Louis teased. "Lou!" she blushed. We packed her clothes but couldn't look me in the eye still. "Here you go," I handed her the shirt she was looking for. "Er, thank, um, you," she stuttered, standing up and running away.

     Louis's P.O.V 

     I can't believe Kylie is NOT admitting she likes Zayn! Yeah, he has a girlfriend, but-"Why? Perrie!" Zayn yelled into the phone. "I-I-I don't... PERRIE! NO!" Zayn screamed. "No!" he cried. "Zayn?" Kylie knelt down next to him. "Perrie... wants to see me later at the same disco," Zayn moaned. "It's bad ain't it?" Kylie hugged Zayn. Aha... *Smile*

    Kylie's P.O.V

   "I'm gonna change," I mumbled as I let go of Zayn. "I grabbed the black cocktail dress I bought at Mango and put it on. I threw on some dark eye shadow, red lipstick and a pair of black high heels. I even curled my hair to look nice in front of Za- Wait! He's not gonna date anyone after the breakup! Of course not! Well whatever then. I rushed downstairs to find the boys in other clothes. "Whoa," Niall gasped. All heads turned to me. 'Let's go!" I grinned as I took Zayn's hand, leading his sad face to the limousine. While we sat at the back, Zayn suddenly leaned in and...


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