Sweet Niece

Our diva Katy Perry has a niece, Kylie Perry. She has to try to keep her aunt happy after her divorce with Russell Brand. What will happen when she finds herself in Zayn's arms on a normal day?


1. Introduction

       "Kylie?" Aunt Katy asked. "Yeah, Aunt?" I asked her. "Call me Katy. And, could you go buy a nice outfit for yourself? We're going to meet someone special tomorrow," she said as she texted someone on her phone. "Sure, do you need anything?" I asked again. "No darling. Now hurry along!" she said, leaving the room. Yeah, my aunt is Katy Perry. She took me in after my parents died. Sad, I know! I slipped on a yellow dress and some white heels, grabbed my bag and left.

       Damn, this place is crowded. "Hello? This is Popstar! magazine and we were wondering how your aunt is doing after the-" a reporter shoved the microphone to me. "Please stop, I'm really busy now," Katy taught me how to manage them. "Answer me please! Now..." he started again. "Argh!" I groaned as I took off, a hungry reporter chasing me. "Whoa!" I tripped on a rock after I ran away from the reporter. "Gotcha!" a British accent exclaimed. "I, er..." I gazed into his face and was mesmerized by his features. His brown eyes sparkled in delight. "Erm, sorry," I mumbled, accidently brushing his neck. "Uh, I have a girlfriend. Sorry," he smiled. "Oh! I, er, gotta go," I mustered out. Did not wanna get in trouble. " Hey! wait! I didn't even catch your name!" his voice sounded distant as I ran towards the shopping mall. Phew! I wonder how his girlfriend is like though... Oh stop! "Hey, look at hat!" I mumbled to myself, my eyes stopping upon a green emerald dress, with a peeking lace near the breasts. Nice. I tried it on and bought it. I also bought green stilettos and went to look for a purse. Purse, purse...

       "Perfect!" I grabbed a green, emerald studded purse and rushed to the cashier to pay. I caught a taxi home and burst into the house. "What happened?" Katy asked, painting her nails pink. "Ran from press, saw a boy, spent a lot," I yawned tiredly. Katy laughed. "Boy eh? Hehe," she giggled. "Why? I questioned. "Oh nothing, we're meeting some tomorrow," she smiled. "Oh!" I gasped. Boys? Oh god. "I'm gonna take a nap Katy," I yawned. Half-fake. "Sure, sure," she turned her attention to her phone again. I dashed up the stairs and sat on the bed. But I didn't really fall asleep though. First, it was 4pm. Second, that boy's face kept appearing in my mind...

     Zayn's P.O.V,

    Who was she? I don't even know her name! "Hey Zayn," Perri, my girlfriend, asked. "Nothing hon, you can go back now. I'll see you tomorrow,     

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