Falling For You

Hope you guys like this and relate to it.....Xx


4. Unexpected

Hmmm what should I wear to the cafe to meet the boys?  I mean, after all it is only going to be three in the afternoon so a cocktail dress would not suit.  I only packed a few things for going out to dinner or something like that.  All the rest of my clothes are my swimming sweats.  I decide that I am going to just be myself and just go with comfort.  Ill wear my cuffed rag and bone jeans with a simple tank and sweater.  

*Me*: Meeting them now Mil!  Ill let you know how it goes if I'm still alive...lol.

*Mil*: THEYRE GOING TO LOVE YOU.  Be yourself and don't worry a bit, you're gorgeous. Xx

*Me*: xox thanks Mil.

After letting Mil know my plans, I curled the ends of my ombre-toned hair to make it look tousled and surfer-like.  My usual make-up routine: evergreen eyeliner and mascara.  All done!  

On my way down to the cafe, my stomach turns a little with each step.  'Dont be that annoying fan and most of all, don't creep out any of the boys!' 

I get there and there is no sign of Niall or the boys.  This is not good....

I go to the lunch bar and pick up an apple to munch on to calm my nerves.  Just as I'm about to bite into it....

"CAGSSS!" I hear Niall scream from across the cafe.

"Hey Niall I miss you!  Haha, I didn't think you would show."

"Miss out on seeing you again babe? Naahhh," He smiled.

I smiled back and gave him a tight hug.  As I wrapped my arms around him, I could feel his hardened muscles underneath his shirt which sent shivers down my spine.  Funny thing is, I think he caught on because he released me still grasping my shoulders and laughed right in face. 

"What??" I asked trying to play it down that I just embarrassed myself.

"Oh nothing its just for a second there I thought you would never let go.  Hahah."

"Hahah sorry it's just I have waited so long for that...""No big deal Cags!  So the boys should be here in a few minu...."

"NIALLLLLLLLLL!!" Louis says coming over to him and giving me a derp face.  "Who is this?" Louis said nudging Niall with his elbow.  

"Lou its just my friend Cags that I was telling you guys about.  You know, the girl I found in the bathroom the other day!"

Just as I thought Niall had kept his promise to not tell the boys how we met, he goes and breaks it.

"Hey Caggie!  Its Caggie right?"

"Yes you got it exactly!  Hi Louis its so good to see you."

"You too! Oh hey Liam and Zayn."

"Hey Lou.  And who is this pretty lady?" Liam says and gives me a grin.  I feel the red cheeks coming on again. 

"Yeah what's your name babe?  Are you the infamous Caggie that Niall told us so much about?" Zayn says whilst laughing.

"Yes, I'm Caggie and unfortunately probably everything Niall told you is true.  Probably not the best first impression but hey, look where it got me!" I say.  I couldn't believe I was actually having a conversation with 4/5 members of One Direction.  I was holding up pretty well considering I have already hugged them each twice.  

"Liam, Where is Harry?" Louis asks concerned.

"He was right behind me and Zayn but he must have gotten lost along the way!"

"Ermmm yeah I just had some business to take care of."  We all turn to face the voice of the person who is my everything.  Harry looked at me with his scanning eyes and then abruptly looked away, avoiding eye contact with me.  He is so beautiful, handsome, perfect and any word in between.  I could not stop staring at him every few seconds.  He was actually standing across from me.  Finally.

"Cags why don't you pick your chin off from the floor.  Hahahaha." I hear all the boys break out in laughter...except for Harry.  

Why wouldn't he make eye contact with me?  Why didn't he even greet me or introduce himself to me besides giving me a mysterious glance (not that I needed him to tell me who he was).  Looks like all those rumors from grade school are facts.

"Lets go for a quick swim, huh?" Louis suggests.

"Umm I mean if you're not afraid of losing or anything...!" I said with cute sarcasm.

"Get over it Cags you're going down.  We will meet you at the pool in 15.  We only have about 30 minutes to play with but what the hell."

"Sure big boy in your dreams.  I'll see you guys soon!" I say walking off and waving to all the boys.  

I still couldn't get my mind off of Harry's odd behavior.  I hope he is just having a bad day and will get over it...

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