Falling For You

Hope you guys like this and relate to it.....Xx


3. The W Please

Me and my mom picked up our luggage and I told her all about my horrifying yet amazing experience.  She just sat there and listened and laughed at all of my emotions that were flooding out of me.

"I have to call Millie!" I said.

"Heyyyy chica! I miss you!"

"Cags! I miss you so much already...what am I supposed to do without you for two weeks...?"

"Mil, I don't know what I am going to do with MYSELF for two weeks without YOU.  Now listen to this.... So I really had to pee and low and behold guess who I meet at the sinks in the mens bathroom no less?"

"One Direction? Hahah just kidding.  But could you imagine?"

"No but Mil, you don't understand.  That's the thing...it was Niall!!!"

"WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAAAAA? WAIT. you mean THE Niall??  Niall Horan from our favorite band?"

"YES. The one that eats a lot and has touched our husband."

"You are so lucky Cags! I wish I could have been there.  Have you seen the rest of the boys?"

"No but Niall has my number and said he would call me and let me meet the rest of the band."

"Ugh I'm so happy for you Cags! You have to tell me everything!"

"Okay I will.  Love you!"

"Bye Cags!"

That girl, she always makes me feel better!  I just hope that Niall calls!  

Just then I hear my phone vibrating through my pocket and an unknown number is calling me.

"Helllloooo?" I answer trying to keep my composure.

"Hey Cags! Its Niall!  Where are you staying in LA?"

"Hey Niall!  I think me and my mom are staying at the W Hotel."

"That's perfect then because we are staying there too!  Its about eleven right now and we have rehearsals for Ellen at 3.  Want to meet up in the cafe around one?"

"I can't even tell you how perfect that is! I'll tell my mom and I'll see you then.  Oh, and by the way Niall...Thanks for everything."

"No problem babe.  See you in two hours."

"Byeeee."  Wow.  I like the sound of 'babe' a lot better than 'whale'.  I can tell that me and Niall are going to good friends.  I just hope that the other boys like me!



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