Falling For You

Hope you guys like this and relate to it.....Xx


8. The Paps

"Caaaaggie Rooobertssss; First place!"

The announcer says announcing all the ranks of swimmers.  I cannot believe that I got first!!!  This was one of the biggest meets for our team and London was where our nationals takes place.  I have trained so long and hard for that titile, you have no idea. 

As I was walking back to my team's bleachers, a group of girl swimmers approached me.

"Are you dating Harry Styles??" One of them asked in an increasingly annoying voice.

"Um....no..wait what do you mean?" I say stunned out of my mind.

"Well, look for yourself.  If that's not dating I don't know what is..." The other blonde-haired girl said.

I took the magazine that she handed me.  On the front cover, there was a picture of me and Harry from the pool at the hotel from the other day.  It was one of me in his arms, and we were making out.  This was horrible!  Now you've done it Cags....ruined Harry's private life. Great.

"Um excuse me....I have to go..." I say, pushing past the girls and running to the girls locker room.

I go into a changing stall and start crying.  How could the Papparazzi see us?  Paul was outside, didn't he see them?  Thankfully, I was done swimming for the day and I just wanted to go home.  

I run out of the locker room hoping that no one else has seen the mag.  I see my mom and I relax a little more.

"Come on mom! I'm ready to go!"

"Ok Cags! Great job honey I am so proud!"

"Thanks mom" I say hugging her tightly.

We arrive back at the hotel and I grab my stuff quickly and try to get inside without my mom asking me any questions.

"Honey, hold on a second please!" Oh no.  

"Yes mom?!" I say through a gulp.

"Cags....I just want to talk to you about the boys.  I saw the magazine hon. "

"Mom, that is such a violation of privacy! I  am so upset! What if he hates me for exposing his life." I start to cry again.

"Aw Caggie.  You did nothing wrong.  That's what I meant by being careful when you're playing around with superstars.  There isn't anything private about being with one of them!  I don't want you to get  hurt that's all.  I didn't mean to make you upset."

"You didn't mom.  Its fine, and thanks for the advice.  Love you!" I say running into the hotel lobby and getting the nearest elevator.

*Harry*: Hiiiiiii....I see you.....

*me*: What? Hhah? where?

*Harry*: I see you through the glass in the elevator love.

*Me*: Good eye Styles.  give me like 30 mins to shower and get ready.  I hope you don't mind the smell of chlorine...:)

*Harry*: Ugh hate it....

*Me*: Ok well, it looks like this little thing we have going on won't work...

*Harry*: IM JUST KIDDING YOU FOOL.  Ps...you don't have to get dressed after the shower if you don't want...

*Me*: Ok then I was kidding as well.  And for your information, how do you think I will get to my room to yours completely naked without hotel security locking me up?

*Harry*: HAha i would laugh so hard babe.  You're too funnnny Xx

*Me*: Alright crazy, I'll see you in a few Xx

*Harry*: Xx

He was honestly so perfect.  Maybe he hadn't seen the article yet....

I was done showering and put on a pair of black lululemons with a comfy off the shoulder sweater.  I didn't have time to do my hair so I just put a bit of mascara on and some chapstick.  I wore my diamond studs and Alex and Ani initial charm bracelet.  I threw on my Superga sneakers and headed out the door.

"Bye Mommm!!!"

"Bye honey! Remember to be back by 11. You have to swim in the afternoon tomorrow!"

"Ok, its only 6 now! Perfect!"

I see Paul waiting outside the boys room pacing.  He probably was expecting me because when I approaced, he didn't shoo me away.

"Hey Paul!" I said hugging him.  He was built!

"Hey Caggie! The boys are expecting you!"

"Ok thanks!"

I went inside the door of their suite and it was dark....Ok so this is weird.


"BOOOOO" I feel someone grab my ankle and my waist

"AHHHHH. Holy crappppp guys you can't scare me like that!"

"Hahah gotcha'!" Niall says laughing hysterically.

"We thought it would be funny to scare you.  Your prince is in the bedroom though.  You better go princess and take care of your horny man."

"Louis...you are so gross ahah!  Thanks guys! BYE"

"Look, she's kicking us out of our own room!" Liam says with a smirk.

"OK guys...let the lovebirds have their play time." Zayn whispers.

All the boys walk out and leave me alone in the living room.  I head over to the bedroom and open the door.  Harry is no where in sight.

"Harry?  Don't tell me you're going to scare me too..."

"Nope. But did I?"  

Harry says coming behind me so that his front is on my back, wrapping his hands around my eyes so that I couldn't see anymore.

"Nope. Weren't as lucky this time babe."

He spins me so that I was facing him, still blocking my view with his massive hands.  I feel his hot breath on my face right before I feel his lips on mine.

"You don't waste any time do you Harry?" I saw through a little gap in our kiss.

"Haven't seen you for two days....Have to make up for them"

We start kissing more intensely.  As we are making out, Harry steps forward, pushing me back so that we were making our way to the bed.  I fall back onto the mattress  and Harry molds himself on top of me.   Was tonight the night?

"Harry, I want you so badly"

"Ugh you turn me on so much Cags.  I love you and I want to show you how much I do." He says, moving his hands down to my breasts.

"Tonight I want to be with you and forever as well."

"I want to fuck you so badly Caggie Roberts."

Ok well that wasn't something I expected him to say.  At that moment, I felt his package on my leg get hard.  I guess Harry Styles would be my first everything!  But how was I going to tell him about the magazine?  I decided that I would tell him later.  Of course, I didn't want to prevent him from his needs...:D

"Then show me..." I say trying to sound brave but really I couldn't breathe.

Slowly and sexily he started removing articles of clothing.  Some from his and some from me.  When it came time that we were both in our underwear and me in my bra, he stopped for a moment.

"Cags, I don't want to make you do anything that you aren't comfortable with but I want to let you know that I really want this right now. Tell me if you don't and we can stop and like watch and film or something..."

"Harry, maybe we could do both, I mean like we do have 4 hours..."

"How do you know we'll be done in 4 hours...." He says, turning me on even more.

He turns me so that he can unclasp my bra.  I turn back to face him, looking straight down onto my chest. 

"Wow." He says.

I blush and try to move his eyes.

"Come on Harry ugh."

I pull at his briefs and take them off.  They weren't kidding when they said his hands and feet were big.  His package was hugeeee and was standing straight up.  It was actually really hot...

He yanked at my underwear so hard it ripped in half.

"Oops. Looks like you wont be needing those!" He said.  I could see the gleam in his eye.  He was so horny right now but so was I.

Slowly at first he entered me, making us both moan, him with pleasure and me with pain.  It did get to the point though after a few thrusts, it felt amazing.  We did it and it was the best night of my life.  He pulled out and flopped onto the bed next to me.


"Yes babe?" I say cuddling into his side while  his arm is wrapped around my head.

"I love you."

"I love you too Harry.  More than you could ever know."

We both look at each other and laugh.  I loved that about our relationship.  We could be romantic but also act like kids at other moments.

"Um well...Can I borrow one of your shirts?" I say, embarrassed that I was in front of Harry in full nakedness.

"Yeah sure babe!" He goes and grabs his Ramones t-shirt and I throw it on. "I love the way you look after we sleep together.  Makes me want to do it again..."

"Maybe you'll get lucky Styles, maybe you won't" I say getting onto the bed and straddling him.  I lean down to kiss him but stop just before I touch his lips.

"Dont tease me Cags please..."

"Hahah I love that you love me." I say back, kissing him now with both hands laying on his bare chest. 

We spent the rest of the night just talking and occasionally making out.  I couldn't help but think the whole time though that he would hate me for not talking to him about the article....

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