Falling For You

Hope you guys like this and relate to it.....Xx


2. Seeing Things...

"Mom I'll meet you at baggage claim.  I just have to use the bathroom first."  Holy crap.  I thought my bladder was going to explode if I didn't get to a bathroom in 30 seconds.

"Okay Cags, be careful and don't forget...don't sit on the seat!!!"

Oh god....embarrassing mom!! She is so anal about hygiene but I guess that is where I get it from.  My friends always make fun of me for it!  

The bathroom line is always the longest for the women.  I really couldn't hold it any longer; I had to go! "What the hell.  I'm using the mens.." I said this out loud but hadn't meant to let the whole world hear. 

Ok so am I really in the mens room right now? Yup, there are the urinals...ew.  I literally sprinted to one of the stalls so that no men would see this freak girl in the mens restroom.

I really didn't want to stop to wash my hands out of embarrassment of being at the sinks just in case a boy saw me.  I had to though...that is just plain gross.  

"Hey um I think the loo for women is next door..." I hear this familiar Irish accent say.


"I'm so sor....."

NIALL HORAN??! I knew that the boys were coming to L.A for the Ellen Show but I mean, I didn't think that I would run into one of the boys in the mens bathroom at LAX.  A really cute way to meet.

"Im so sorry.  I just...I just really had to go and the line was so long for the ladies. " I could feel my cheeks growing more pink by the second.  Great.  Now he probably is thinking 'what is this freak doing?' 

"Well honestly, I was wondering why there was a girl in here but now that you have cleared things up it all makes sense," he says with a smirk.  "I'm Niall, what's your name?"

I knew he thought it was weird.  Awesome first impression Caggie.

"Umm its Cag..its Caggie.  It's so nice to meet you Niall.  Me and my best friend have been trying to meet you guys for the longest time!  I just didn't expect it to be so soon..and in a mens bathroom." 

"Hahah! Its nice t' meet you too Cags!  Really, I would have never guessed you to be a fan.  I thought the flushed cheeks were because you were hot or something," he laughed again.

One.  He called me Cags.  Two. He indirectly called me hot.  Oh goodness I better get my head on straight before saying anything again.  I was already feeling lightheaded!

"How about you meet up with us later then.  I mean, if you're not to busy or anything.  I bet the lads would love to meet you."

"YESSS. I mean sure! That sounds great!  Where should I meet you guys?"

"Well if I can have your number I can text you the information.  Just please don't release anything to anyone.  We love the fan attention but certain things are private you know?"

"Yeah Niall! I totally get it!"

"COME ON NIALL," I heard a voice sounding similar to Paul's yell from the exit.

"Coming! Ok so just answer when I call and I guess I'll see you soon.  Bye Cags!"

"Bye Niall! I guess I'll see you later!"

"Mmmhhmm," he said while running out finishing the remains of a croissant he had in his pocket.

JDGKAHLAHDNAN did I just give Niall Horan my number? I love california!

*mom* : Cags, where are you I'm getting worried!!

*me* : Coming! you will never believe it but I just bumped into Niall...:D

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