Falling For You

Hope you guys like this and relate to it.....Xx


1. Insecurities

"Honey, come downstairs and pack your swim bag!" my mom called from the kitchen. 

"COMINGGGG mom!" I said.  I was exhausted.  Between school and the intensity of my competitive swim team practices I was practically a walking zombie...

"Oh Caggie look!"

"Mom thats me and Millie!!!! That picture is from the One Direction concert that we went to last week!"

I was so freaking happy that me and Harry Styles face were on the same page.  Me and my best friend Millie have been obsessed with the boys since March of last year.

We were headed to Newark Airport for our flight from New Jersey to Los Angeles for my nationals meet.  All I could hear for five hours was, "You still have to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me..."  Those lyrics get me everytime.  I wanted to hear those words from Styles himself.  If only....

For a while now, I have been insecure with my body and have been teased my whole life.  "Oh look at the whale!"  "Oh wow, your head is bigger than Jupiter." Yes.  Yes, exactly what every girl wants to grow up hearing.  No matter how much my family and friends tried to make me feel better, I always felt like the ugliest and fattest person in the room.  As I have grown I have learned to deal with my insecurites but those words still come to haunt me.  One Direction has made me feel beautiful and has really proved to me 'What Makes You Beautiful..' in my life.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for landing," The flight attendant announces.

"Welcome to LAX."  



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