Falling For You

Hope you guys like this and relate to it.....Xx


7. Confused


*Millie*: Hey Cags, whats going on?

*Me*: Hey Mil, I was just about to text you...:/  Harry hasn't texted or called me or seen me in two days.  He said he was going to call me.

*Millie*: Haha Cags, relax! Its only been two days and the boys are really busy! He will don't worry and by the sound of what you guys have felt for each other, he will call very soon :D

*Me*: I guess you're right.  I know that sounds ridiculous and needy but I miss him that's all.

*Millie*: I know babe, I know.

*Me*: Alright. I have to go now.  First swim meet of the trip...

*Millie*: Ok bye Cags Xx

*Me*: Bye Mil

I was so worried that I would never see or speak to the boys again.  Maybe it was just pure luck that I met them all and kissed Harry.  Maybe I should forget it all...

"Come on Cags!!!!! We're going to be late for the meet!" My mom says.

"Coming Mama.  Just finishing packing my bag"

Just then, my phone starts to ring and a restricted number comes up.  Pull yourself together Cags!


"Hey babe!  Sorry it took so long to ring, we've just been really busy." Harry rumbles into the phone with his deep voice.

"Harry! I am so glad to hear your voice you have no idea.  I wish I could see you."

"You know babe, you can come over right now for a bit...and you know we can have a little fun." He whispers cheekily into the line.

Shit-buckets.  Just great.  Between his busy schedule and mine, we will have NO time to meet up.

"Harry babe, I'm so sorry.  I have my first swim meet today! I wish I could stay and see you but these meets are really important for the team." Ugh this hurt so badly.

"Damn, Cags.  I was looking forward to our fun time...Just kidding.  Don't worry about it! Maybe tonight when you come back?"

"Sure thing babe! I'll ask my mom first though, don't want her to get mad.  By the way, would you two like to meet?"

"Of course.  I'm sure she will love us."

The way that he said US started the butterflies in my stomach once again.

"Ok sorry Harry, I have to go.  Text me tonight and not on restricted so that I can save your number ok?"

"You got it. Bye love."


Just when I thought that this trip was going to be easy, and drama-free....we'll see by the end of it.

I met my mom in the lobby and we both left in our little sardine-can of a car.  Hope today goes well.  Nerves sometimes get the best of me.


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