Falling For You

Hope you guys like this and relate to it.....Xx


6. A Dip in the Pool

Let me just get this straight...Harry Styles is into me?  I mean, he called me beautiful and kept brushing my cheeks with his hands.  I have got to call Millie!

BEEEEEEP:"Millie....please call me back.  I have news to tell you that might make you made but has made me so happy!  Call me back as soon as you can!"

Ok, so what bathing suit am I going to wear?  This is a dilemma.  What if the boys judge me because of my broad swimming shoulders....or my muscular back?  Get over it Caggie, you'll be fine.  I only brought my practice suits which are all one pieces because I didn't think I would be doing anything other than attending the meet.  I ended up choosing just a plain black nike suit with a cut out back.  This is the cutest it gets...grrrrr.

I head downstairs to the Spa level and can already hear the shouts coming from the pool.  I fix myself before entering.  All the boys turn when Niall screams my name.

"Cagggggggs!" Niall shouts for the whole pool to hear.  Thankfully there aren't any people around.  I'm guessing their security blocked them out because I had a little trouble getting in myself until I told them I was the one Niall met in the airport.

"Hey guys!  What are you guys doi....."

Before I could finish my sentence, Louis splashes me, soaking me and the change of clothes that I brought with me.

"OH MY GOSH.  Tomlinson, you will pay for that!!" I scream throwing my stuff down and swimming over to him.  He tried swimming away but he couldn't go as fast as me.  All the boys helped me out and started splashing the Tommo furiously!  It was the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

"HAHHAHA Stop guys...I'll wee in the pool!!!"

"Ewww Louis that is disgusting!" Zayn says with a frown.

"No it isn't...swimmers do it all the time!" I say.

All the boys stop what they're doing and start backing up.  I thought they were going to run away suddenly Harry swims over and before I could even push him away, he takes me up in his arms and throws me into the air making me fall back into the water.  

"Harry!!!!  HAHA that wasn't very nice!"

"What I didn't want you to pee!!!"

"HAH of course I wouldn't do that!  Not in front of you guys at least!"

"Alright love birds, we have to head out.  Rehearsal starts in an hour.  Harry meet us back upstairs when you and Cags finish whatever business you have to finish.....and DONT BE LATE!" Liam says in his daddy voice.

Harry and I look at each other and we both start blushing.  He turns and splashes Liam, giving him a little smirk showing off his dimples.  Oh how I love those dimples.

"Ok I will be up soon.  Just give us a minute.  And tell Paul that he doesn't have to wait for us."

"Ok Har.  Anything for you!" Niall says mockingly.

The boys finally leave, leaving me and Harry all alone.  In the pool.  In only our bathing suits.  Ok.  Breathe.

He starts moving towards me, never taking his eyes off of mine the entire time.  He finally stops when he is about six inches from my face.  I start getting butterflies again when I look straight into his green eyes.  All of a sudden I feel his hands, underneath the water very low on my hips.  He snaps the part of my bathing suit that is the only thing in his way of my hips.

"Oh my gosh" I say kind of embarrassingly considering he is totally turning me on with all this eye and physical contact.

"How come you haven't had your first kiss yet?"  he asks me, STILL looking through to my soul.

"Um well...Ok Harry the truth is that I have been told so many negative things about me I have so many insecurities that stand in the way of me being myself in front of someone that I like."

"What did I tell you about listening to those fucks!  Caggie you have to ignore all the hate.  They are just upset that they don't have the nerve to ask a girl like you out."

Wow.  I wasn't expecting him to cuss.  He really cares about me....

"I know Harry and I am trying I really am..."

"Can you act like yourself in front of me?  Me and the lads make you feel comfortable?"

"Of course.  I have never felt so close to a group of guys than I have with you all.  You are just so sweet and amazing in general.  I can be weird around you and you don't even care.  That's the thing Harry, I really can act myself in front of you surprisingly because I thought that I couldn't around a guy that I liked." At this point I break the eye contact and look down into the water.

"Cags....does that mean you...have feelings for me?"  I could hear him swallow hard.


"Cags please don't hold back.  Look at me."

I look up and could see his eyes welling up through the tears strolling down my face.

"I like you a lot Caggie.  I know I just met you and its ok if you don't feel the same.  I know I am famous and get a lot of publicity and people can be harsh but please try and understand. I can't stop thinking about you..."


He looks embarrassed, Im guessing because he thought I was going to say no to him.  

"Harry you don't understand.  I have liked you for the longest time now.  I didn't think you were into me!  Harry, I want you."

With that he moves closer to me so that there isn't gap between my chest and his.  

"Is it ok?"  He says moving my head up to face him with hand.

"Mhmm." I say biting my lip.  Here it is Caggie.  Your first kiss with none other than Harry Styles who just admitted to having feelings for you.

Just then, better than the movies, he moves his lips right in front of mine so our lips were brushed up against one another but not quite touching all the way.  

"Quit teasing Styles and do it already!"

"Needy girl you are."  I feel his mouth form a smirk before he kisses me.

Slowly and lightly at first, testing it out and seeing how I react.  It was perfect.  Better than I could've ever dreamt.  His lips were so soft and surrounded mine and fit like a perfect puzzle piece.  As our kiss grew more intense he pulled away.

"Jump." He says in a low raspy voice.

"But Harry....."

"Just do it Cags, trust me." He says, sort of pleaing.

I jump and he grabs my bum and pulls me onto him.  I wrap my legs around his lower back as if I never wanted to let go (which I didn't).  He presses his mouth against mine but this time, more aggressively.  This time, I feel his tongue tapping my lips waiting for its approval to enter.  I open my mouth and the feel overwhelms me.  When I thought of making out, I thought it was gross especially because I was a germaphobe (like my mom) but this was amazing.  He would do his part then me, mine.  I really didn't know what I was doing but it didn't matter.

I pull back unwillingly.

"Harry, you're going to be late for your rehearsal!  You have to go!"

"Ugh Cags just when it started getting good.... SHIT I forgot... Ok so sorry babe.  I promise we'll make up for this another time."  He releases my bum and I unwrap my legs.

"By the way..thank you Har"

"No Cags, that was magical....Just a little slobbery!"

"Oh my I'm so sorry Harry that is disgusting.  If you don't want to do it again, I'll understand!"

"Are you kidding? I'm just kidding! Ps...you need someone to practice with." He says cheekily, making me giggle.

"Bye Harry."

"Bye Cags. I'll get your number from Niall and text you later." Just like that, he comes over againg and kisses me on the mouth then the forehead. "Bye beautiful."

"Bye Handsome."

Pretty much the best time that I have had in a pool.  I will never look at a pool the same.  A perfect end to a perfect day!

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