The Only Exception

Ryder Johnson had never been in love. He'd never experienced the nerves, the joy, the unrestrained emotion of giving your entire heart to someone else.....But as soon as Ryder saw Darci Bell in the biology lab, he fell. He fell hard. Ryder fell head over heels in love with her. Except there was one small problem....Darci has sworn never to fall in love!

With the help of his friends, some fiendish ploys of his own, and an incredible song by an incredible band, can Ryder make Darci love him back?

Note: Every chapter in this story will be named after a song, and it will have something to do with the plot line


2. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

I walked into class and waited as my teacher for the year, Mrs. Kebula assigned us our permanent lab partners. I had been hoping for Cory, cuz, you know, we'd get to blow stuff up together. But that didn't happen. Cory somehow lucked out and got paired with the smartest guy in class, Tom Kilenski. And me? Well, i didn't get a partner. Mrs. Cebula pursed her lips and looked around.
"We could put you in a group of three, I suppose." she said flatly.
"But these labs are specifically designed for two people-"
She was cut off by someone opening the door and entering the room. It was Victoria, accompanied by another girl I'd never seen before. It must have been the foreign exchange student she was talking about earlier.
"Mrs. Kebula?" Victoria said timidly.
"This is Darci Bell, the new foreign exchange student from France."
Mrs. Kebula smiled and beckoned Darci closer. She pointed towards me and then said,
"There's your lab partner for the year, Darci. Now, class, iwant you to spend a few minutes getting to know each other, and then we'll start our lab."
The girl nodded and slowly walked over to me. She pulled out a stool and sat down, shooting sidelong glances at me.

When I thought she wasn't looking, I swiftly snuck a look at her. Locks of wavy blonde hair framed her oval shaped face, characterized by gigantic forest green eyes. A spattering of freckles covered her nose and rosy cheeks. Something about her just seemed- unetheral. I was smitten instantly.

Darci glanced at me and then said,
"Bonjour. Mon nom est Darci. Quel est le votre?"
Me, being the attactive, sexy womanizer that I am, smoothly said,
(Don't judge me. The only French I knew was from the week I'd taken when my Spanish teacher was sick and the only substitute available was a French teacher.)
"Vous ne parlez pas français, vous le faites?"
"Um- Niene?"
Darci sighed and then said in extremely stilted English,
"That is German."
That's when I knew I was in for an interesting hour.

Our task was to burn samples of food and check the energy they contained. And, let me tell you something for nothing, it was a disaster. We broke glass vials, Darci knocked over a beaker and spilled the contents literally everywhere. But I must say that the hightlight of the day was me catching her hair on fire.

It happened like this. I light a match and leaned over to burn the marshmallow we'd been given. Darci was writing down our results from the previous test into her lab book. She reached over to grab an eraser and I turned to get out of her way. And then somehow the end of her braid was aflame.
Darci stifled a scream and tried to bat out the flame with her hand, burning her fingers in the process. I frantically grabbed the hose hanging next to our sink and sprayed Darci full on. Once that was over, she was soaked. She began muttering in rapid-fire French under her breath while furiously wiping water out of her eyes.
"Vous idiot! Comment êtes-vous si incompotent? Va te faire foutre!"
I may not be able to understand French, but I knew that she was not happy with me. Darci strode off with Mrs. Kebula to go get a change of clothes, but not before shooting a death glare at me. Once she was gone, I hung my head in shame. Way to go Ryder.

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