The Only Exception

Ryder Johnson had never been in love. He'd never experienced the nerves, the joy, the unrestrained emotion of giving your entire heart to someone else.....But as soon as Ryder saw Darci Bell in the biology lab, he fell. He fell hard. Ryder fell head over heels in love with her. Except there was one small problem....Darci has sworn never to fall in love!

With the help of his friends, some fiendish ploys of his own, and an incredible song by an incredible band, can Ryder make Darci love him back?

Note: Every chapter in this story will be named after a song, and it will have something to do with the plot line


3. Love Bug

I was in a stupor for the rest of the morning, walking around like a zombie. Cory is a total chatterbox, so he filled the silence. It was only by lunch that he realized that something was up with me.
"You okay, dude?" he asked while covering his curly fries with ketchup.
I jumped and then said,
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"Liar. Tell me what's wrong."
"Nothing, alright! Get off my back!"
Cory raised his eyebrows and then grinned devilishly.
"Oh." he said, chuckling evilly.
"What?" I asked defensively.
"You've got it bad."
"Got what?" I retorted irritably.
"You like some girl, don't you?"
My face was answer enough. I blushed red and looked down, shaking my head.
"No. You're totally incorrect in that assumption."
"Uh-huh." Cory said sarcastically.
"Sure I am. Who is she? Some freshman who doesn't have any clue what she's getting into?"
I stayed quiet and he kept guessing. That was the thing with Cory. He'd either guess until he got it right, or annoy you so much that you'd just tell him anyway.
"Or is it an older woman? Are you into cougars, Ryder? Because that new teacher, Miss. Alstone is very pretty-
"It's Darci Bell, you dumbass!" I whispered fiercely.
I must have shocked him, because he wa literally speechless. For a grand total of five seconds. Then the taunts started. He burst out laughing and kept going until he cried.
"The girl whose hair you burnt this morning and then sprayed with a hose? The girl who you can't understand at all?"
I nodded, gritting my teeth, and Cory clapped me on the shoulder.
"You poor man."
I was about to say something very, very rude when Cory looked over my shoulder and grinned.
"There she is."

I whirled around and saw Darci walking over to a table a few away from our's, precariously balancing a book ontop of her lunch. Cory nudged me and said quietly.
"Go talk to her, dude."
"Yeah, no." I said quickly.
"Anyway, she can't understand me, and I sure as hell can't understand her."
"Many great love stories seemed impossible."
I grinned and then said,
"Oh, okay. Name one."
"Romeo and Juliet."
"They died."
"Ali and Noah."
"Again, they died."
"Jack and Rose."
"Both died by the end of the movie."
"Just go." Cory said, giving me a push.

I stumbled forward and saw Darci watching me. Mentally cursing Cory, I slowly walked forward and sat down across from her. I cleared my throat and then said,
"Désolé pour euh ....."
I mimiced spraying her with an imaginary hose. She watched me, clearly unamused.
"Your French is terrible." she said coldly, getting up and throwing her uneaten lunch away.

She walked away and I hurried after her, grabbing her arm. She shrugged me off and I jumped in front of her so she had to speak to me.
"Look," I said, running a hand through my shaggy brown hair,
"I'm just trying to aplogise for what I did this morning."
"Idiots do not need to aplogise for their own stupid actions."
Ouch. I took a step backward and then spoke again.
"I'm sorry, okay? I just wanted us to be friends."
Darci smiled bitterly and pushed past me, calling back over her shoulder.
"I don't make friends. Especially not with American boys who can't speak French."

As she walked away, I grinned. Darci might have thought she'd get me to leave her alone, but I was more determined than ever to get her to notice me. First step: Learn French......Easy!
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