The Only Exception

Ryder Johnson had never been in love. He'd never experienced the nerves, the joy, the unrestrained emotion of giving your entire heart to someone else.....But as soon as Ryder saw Darci Bell in the biology lab, he fell. He fell hard. Ryder fell head over heels in love with her. Except there was one small problem....Darci has sworn never to fall in love!

With the help of his friends, some fiendish ploys of his own, and an incredible song by an incredible band, can Ryder make Darci love him back?

Note: Every chapter in this story will be named after a song, and it will have something to do with the plot line


5. Call Me Maybe

Over the next few weeks, most of my time was spent trying to get a handle on my atrocious French and just surviving junior year. The workload was getting heavier and heavier as the days flew by. One day, after another English class, Darci and I didn't get to finish the story we'd been reading. I hurriedly scrawled my number on Darci's hand and said,
"Call me."
Darci smiled faintly and then replied,
She flounced down the hallway, her bookback slung over on shoulder. I stared after her longingly. Why didn't she like me? What had I done wrong? Well, besides burning her hair and then dousing her with ice cold water forty five minutes after meeting her....But other then that, i'd done my best to be attractive! Was I just totally unappealing? Or was she not interested in me at all? Did her "door" not swing that way, to put it lightly?

At the end of the hall, I saw two guys leaning against the lockers, clearly checking Darci out. I knew it and she knew it too. Darci glanced at the guys and blushed, tucking a piece of blonde hair behind her ear. I felt a surge of envy rise up in my chest and whirled around, putting my forehead against my locker in despair. Cory walked up and clapped me on the shoulder.
"Just give her time."

That evening, I couldn't concentrate on anything. My homework was a complete disaster. I kept glancing at my cell phone, desperately hoping it would ring. What had Daci turned me into? I was now reduced to a twelve year old girl, checking her phone every five minutes, thinking her crush had texted her.

At seven PM, my phone buzzed. I jumped a mile in the air and then grabbed it. However, it slipped through my fingers and fell to the ground. Swearing, I dropped to my knees and picked it up, frantically hitting the talk button.
"Hey, man." Cory said from the other line.
I cursed again and slammed the phone shut, hanging up on him. This was unbearable. Two seconds later, the phone rang again and I picked it up, saying,
"What do you want!!!"
"Um--This is Darci Bell-"
I dropped the phone on the floor and then jumped up and down in pure rage.
"Crap crap crap crap!!!!!" I screamed.
Then I knelt down and picked it up, holding it to my ear,
"Sorry, a bit of an- issue. What's up, Darci?"
But she'd hung up.
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