Summer love

This is a one direction fanfic!. Hope you love it! It's my first one!:)xx


3. Meeting Louis :)

Nalas POV
I looked at the beautiful flat and then I realized I can't stay here.. I looked down "what's wrong?" Harry asked me "well thanks so much but I really can't take advantage of u, I can get a flight back to new York.." "no!" Harry put his hand up "I mean no really it's fine I get pretty lonely.." I laughed a bit and agreed to stay "well this is the guest room!" Harry smiled and took my hand and led me to a beautiful belcony "wow..." I said it was truly amazing.. I looked at all the lights the city never looked so beautiful I looked at Harry again "u really don't have to do all this" I said again he look both of my hands " I know..I want to" he smirked I giggled and kissed him on the cheek for a minuet we just stood there staring at each other he started to lean into kiss me but his doorbell rang he walked over to the door and opened it "oh hey Lou!" I herd him say "I'm a little buisy at the moment.." "well not to buisy for me!" I laughed and came to see the one and only Louis standing in front of me "you could have told me u had a Girl here!" Harry elbowed him "this is Louis he's my best mate and hes in my band" "hello" Louis said in a sassy voice. "well anywho...Harry we have recording to do tomorrow you can bring umm.." Nala" I said "well Nala ! If u want Eleanor and Danielle will be there to!" Harry looked at me excitedly "ya sure that would be okay.."
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