Summer love

This is a one direction fanfic!. Hope you love it! It's my first one!:)xx


5. much love

Elenors POV
They were great today! I could tell Harry was trying to impress Nala, Danielle noticed to she we a a bit of a laugh. "you did amazing" I said to Louis and kissed him on the cheek. I love the new album and it will be my first time going on your with the boys so I'm extrely exited. Suddenly I was interrupted by my thought when I saw a tall bleach blond spray tan girl with way to much makeup walk in to the studio "umm where is harry?!?" the girl yelled at Nala, I could tell she had no idea what to say she looked scared to I stepped in "why do you need to see him?" I said "non of you business!" the girl said and pushed Me back into the chair I was originally sitting in. The bays came out and all looked at the girl and Harry's eyes went huge! "Harry!" she squilled and planted a big kiss on his cheek and Huged him " get away from me Megan!" Harry demanded. I glanced at Nala she had tears forming in her eyes then I realized she had feeling for Harry and from what I have seen before the girl Harry has feelings for Nala to but I hope his ex or whoever she is doesn't effect how amazing their relationship could be

**sorry for not updating! I was really buisy!**
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