Summer love

This is a one direction fanfic!. Hope you love it! It's my first one!:)xx


2. Little things.<3

Harry's P.O.V
To be honest I'm still in shock.. She's one of the most. Beautiful girls I have seen in my whole life and having to see this girl almost get killed by her crazy boyfriend, Ex boyfriend.. It was shocking. I was at the theater because that's where I go to practice privetly for the band I'm in, nobody now I go there though.. Well now she does.. "well what's your name love?" I said trying to make her feel a bit more secure "um, I'm Nala" "what a lovely name, I'm Harry" she looked at me stunned "are you harry..Harry styles from one direction..?" "sure em!" I said and she giggled a little we started talking about well, everything! Her hazel eyes were sparkling whenever a car when by this was a perfect moment. I turned on the radio when we finished talking and the song kiss you came on she looked at me and smiled then she started singing really loud and opened the window. We were both laughing when we reached my flath we got to my door and I held it for her she looked around then she looked at the ground.. Did I do something
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