Summer love

This is a one direction fanfic!. Hope you love it! It's my first one!:)xx


6. I need to explain..

Nalas POV
the car ride home was silent I could feel the tension, I felt like I didn't belong where I am.. All I want is Harry which I noticed just before Megan came..but its hard to no if he wants me back so I don't know how to tell him that I care about home... Maybe I don't need us to be a cupple maybe all I need is a friend to be there for me... But looking over to him on the way to his flat he looked like he was a homeless puppy, he looked sad and nervous.
Harry's POV
I love her. But everytime I love someone I hurt them. And hurting them hurts me even more. I glanced up to se her staring at me her huge hazel eyes look bigger and darker than usual, I need to tell her how I feel and who Megan was.. Well she was my ex girlfriend.. We had recently been together I told her it wasn't working but she refused to be out of my life.. Then today she showed up and messed everything up!
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