Summer love

This is a one direction fanfic!. Hope you love it! It's my first one!:)xx


9. Backup plan..

I hopped out of the car and walked to the steps of the apartment building. I walk up the stair and unlock the door with the key we hid under a plant outside. The door creeked as I opened it James picked his head out of the bedroom door... My heart skipped a beat " u again?!" he wasnt drunk anymore, maybe he didn't even remember what had happened " where have you been?!" "with a friend" "oh okay" she came up and gave he a hug as I pushed his chest back, he gave me a puzzled look "what's wrong babe?" I looked into his dark eyes.he was gorgouse and so confused I had to give into him but I couldn't tell if he was acting or not. This is how he always gets me back... I'm not sure why but I have a soft spot for him.." nothing" I smiled and kissed his cheek he did deserve why I was leaving. While I was about to explain he grabbed my arm and kissed me for a long time, it made me want to stay thinking about this but I knew I couldn't "please stop" I say him still holding me close "what?" "I'm moving out.. Because a few days ago u were drunk and almost killed me.." I said this in a whisper "what?! I'm stupid and soooo sorry! " "a apology won't fix the fact u were going to murder me!" I yelled this time in frustration he tried to kiss me again but I refused as much ad I possibly could but his strong arms brought me in for another long kiss. He released and I walked to grab my stuff he looked angry.. Like he was going to blow... "I'm not letting you leave" I ignored him and he spun me around and grabbed my arm I knew what he was doing as he reached to his pocket.. I decided I needed backup..
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