Summer love

This is a one direction fanfic!. Hope you love it! It's my first one!:)xx


1. Everything will be okay

Nalas P.O.V

What was that? I looked around. My boyfriend James and me got into a huge fight and I left with no where to parents live in new York with my 3 brothers while I lived here with James. It was a bit colder then usual tonight and I felt like I was being watched I felt the wind blowing my long blonde hair everywhere " look who we got here" it was James and his friends.. With beer cans in their hands.." leave me alone" "don't tell me what to do baby" he said and berped into my face "your discussing!" I said and started to walk away faster but he grabbed my arm "what did you say?" he said tightening his grip "please leave me alone!" I yelled he tightened more and his friends moved closer one opened a knife " what did u say about u telling me what to do Nala?!" he was yelling his gray eyes turned black as they did when he got angery. I pulled away and started to run as his friends ran after me with their knives opened. I ran behind a building and through a door I found myself in the old theater. It was huge. I looked around it was old and dusty " there she is said Aaron one of James's friends. The chase me to a dead end corner one hands James a knife and sigarette he grabs my wavy hair and pulls it back so my head is forced to look at the roof he holds the knight to my throght "please, please.." I manage to stumble what's going on here said a curly haired boy with emerald green eyes all the boys ran off and I started to sob " what happend?" said the stranger who was now kneeling Down beside me. I told him everything. " do u wanna come stay with me?" he said with a worried look in his beautiful eyes. I nodded and he put his stronge arm around me and led me to his car

*hey guys! Hope u like it so far!*
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