Real life......

I am still thinking about what to put in this story but so far its about:
A girl that gets bullied in High School and its just talking about the reality of bullying


2. Dasiy's POV

Im not ugly, I did NOT get this from the dumpster! And frankly I like it! Green is in right? Green shirts are defititly in! But what about my pance? Is blue still in? I know green and blue match... maybe just its my shoes....Are ugg's still in? I think they are. Why do those girls mess with me? Am i all of a sudden fat? Last time i checked i was normal! They are the ones that are too skiny! I bet they only eat one piece of salad and then there full!! I on the other hand I cant go 3 hours without food! How can they survie on one piece of salad a day? It's really un-healty, plus wouldnt they get headache's and stuff?

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