Real life......

I am still thinking about what to put in this story but so far its about:
A girl that gets bullied in High School and its just talking about the reality of bullying


3. Dani's P.O.V

"lipstick!!" Clarie handed me my favourite product of lip stick; Shephora, sugar baby. And my fav gloss! "Cant go wrong with gloss!" We all walked down the hall 

"NERD!" I called. 

A little boy probabaly sofmore (15 years of age, 10th grade) gave me a cheat sheet. I glanced at it "nerd".  The nerd wisperd something under his breath. It was something like "i will get revenge one day". I think the girls heard it too, but sience i didnt reacht/ do anything they didnt say anything. I love being the head of the school!! No one, and i mean no one, can/will take me down! 

"Now, off to the cafe girls" 

We walked in. Simone pushes the people out of my way. 

"What can i get that has no calories or fat?"

The lady handed me water "here" 

I looked at the water and handed it to Simone. 

"Would you like coffie Dani?"

"No!! I want salad!"

"Ok i will get you some"

Simone walks away to get it for me. 

"Sometimes i feel like she is mentally retarded" (no offince to anyone who reads this)

"She is" Clarie answers me. 

Daisy walks by "Hey....Umm flower!"

"You mean Dasiy?" (she doesnt say it with sass)

"Yes!" You reatarded monkey! 

"Ok, im going to eat with MY friends."

"Did you ever think about shopping out side a dumpster?" I say.

Simones comes back and joins Clarie in laughing.

Dasiy or what ever her name is just walks away.

"Puthetic" (I say)  


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