Real life......

I am still thinking about what to put in this story but so far its about:
A girl that gets bullied in High School and its just talking about the reality of bullying


1. Dani's P.O.V (Point Of View)

"Eww, what is she wearing?"

"I bet she got it from the dumpster" (Says the "followers") 

"I bet she did"

They all laugh. 

"Hey you!" The girl turns around and see's the mean girls 

" *gulps* y-y-yes?"

"Aww look at the poor baby studder" (or however you spell it) 

"Where did you get your clothes? The dumpster?" Says the Popuralist mean girl 

The other girls just start to laugh (Simone and Clarie)

Daisy (the girl that is getting bullied) just walks away with tears in her eyes. 


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