Nothings Fine.

I'm abused and broken. One day he finds me and everything starts to feel right.


2. Scared.

Have you ever felt the scared feeling where you just need someone to hold you or you think you just might pee yourself? Like when you watch a scary movie and you have to walk through the dark house afterwards? Well that's what I feel everyday, but 10 times worse. 

"Your worthless," he said as he hit me. "Nothing, but a waste of money and space." Punch. "You were a big mistake." Kick. "Can't do anything right." Kick. And it goes on like that for what seems like a very long time. Lay down huddles up trying to protect myself the best I can. He then throws me out the door and drags me down an ally. He beats me some more. "Now you can be dog meat." With that he leaves. I am glad he left. I was to beatin up to even move. I heard laughing coming from down the street.

"Help." They wouldn't be able to help me. I could barely make out myself. I tried a little louder. "Help." A blonde haired boy turned my way. 


"Did you guys here that?" he asked.

"Niall, have you gone crazy?" another asked.

"Help," I said once again. 

"Guys someone is saying help," he said walking down the alley way. He came to me and dropped to his knees. The other boys were by my side in an instant too. 

"Zayn call an ambulance," a curly haired boy said. 

"No, don't. He wants me to die, just leave me here. I just needed someone to know I actually existed and wasted just a dream," I said. 

"No, if you don't let us call you an ambulance at least let us take you home with us," the blonde one said. 

"Alright," I managed to choke out. He smiled at me showing his braces.

"Louis, get the car," he said. He nodded his head and ran down the sidewalk.

"You'll be okay. We'll take care of you," another boy said. 

"Thank you guys," I said

"Eleanor , Perrie, and Danielle will be excited to have another girl around the house," curly said. Right then Louis pulled up with the car. Blondie picked me up bridal style and carried me into the car. He sat in the middle and draped me across their laps. We drove about 20 minutes and then we finally got to there house. Blondie carried me inside.

"Finally you guys are back," I heard a girl say. Then I heard a gasp. 

"Oh my god," another voice said. 

"What happened?" Another asked.

"We don't know," the one I remember as Louis said. 

"Call an ambulance," one of the girls said.

"She doesn't want one," one of the boys said.

"Alright," a blonde girl said. She then knelt down beside me. "Sweetie, I am gonna wash you up and put you in some cleaner and more comfortable clothes okay?" I nodded my head. I am so glad for people like them. People who actually care and  will be nice to complete strangers. I am thankful for those type of people that probably saved my life.



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