When i met you

When Hallie runs away from her rapist boyfriend logan, she hides at Nandos and awaits her brothers aid, but she drops her phone and is noticed by One Direction and is invited into the life of the boyband. (warning, not all 1D related and may get very graphic at points. you will be warned in the story about these, not recomended for ages under 12)


13. This is the end

Hi wonderful readers. Ive now gotten 299 reads! And i havent updated in like 5 months, but this is why. I am discontinuing this story. 5 months ago it barely had 10 reads and nobody seemed to care or like it. Also, i have moved to wattpad! Movellas just isnt fit for me anymore. Wattpad is alot easier and just today movellas has made it possible to update with a mobilr device, and thats how i update all my stories, therefore, since wattpad is alot better, im moving there. You all can find me at www.watpad.com/user/BrandonHenry1D . Or go to wattpad.com and search BrandonHenry1D. Also, im not sure if i will be continuing this story there or not, but i already have 4 books published there, and when i finish the stories i have there, i might continue this story there. I will still be on movellas, but i will be strictly reading. My movellas era is come to an end, and im sorry to everyone who has been waiting for the next chapter, buf i cant come back. Ill see you all on wattpad. Bye my lovily readers.

Goodbye, and hopefully not forever,

Yours in Eternity


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