When i met you

When Hallie runs away from her rapist boyfriend logan, she hides at Nandos and awaits her brothers aid, but she drops her phone and is noticed by One Direction and is invited into the life of the boyband. (warning, not all 1D related and may get very graphic at points. you will be warned in the story about these, not recomended for ages under 12)


4. The best day of my life

I woke up with Niall's arm around me. the blanket was over us and his breath was on my neck. His Left arm was around my waist on the upside, ad his right arm was under me. I knew i had to get up, but i didnt want to. I forced myself  to get up and get some clothes on. Then i decided i needed a shower. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, then put a towel on the sink and a rag in the tub. I then realized id need my shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I ran out and got my bag, and it was empty. I looked in the shower, and all my showering stuff was in there. "wow, i gotta thank these boys, and kill them" i whispered to myself. I took off my bra and panties and jumped in, letting the hot water caress me and warm my naked body.  I lathered in my shampoo and conditioner, and rinsed my golden highlighted brown hair. I turned off the water, and got out of the shower and dried myself off. I then realized i had no clothes. I ran out of the bathroom, and ran into Niall. " Omg Hallie, im so sorry, i was bringing you clothes" " howd you know i didnt have clothes?" i asked " I heard your fussing from downstairs. By the way, breakfast is ready" he said and kissed my cheek, handed me my clothes, and went back to the lounge.I ran into the bathroom and put on the clothes Niall brought me and run back out. i check my facebook and twitter.My facebook request and messages were over 3,000 each. wow. I think ill just make this my fan page. but according to the messages, this was not a fan page, it was more of a hate page. but some of them was good. i liked those and responded to them. Twitter was better, i had 3million new followers, and no DM's. good. " love, are you alright " Niall called from the lounge "yeah, im coming" i yelled back. I ran downsairs and tackled Niall in the chair. " Ello love, nice to see you " Niall replied with a kiss. " I know right" i told him, everyone cuckled at my comment. Niall walked into the kitchen and and got my breakfast and brought it to me. I took it from him, thanking him with a peck, and sat in his lap and ate my delicious breakfast. " So what are we doing today" i asked while chewing my bacon. " well, first, i was thinking we could have lunch at Nandos, then me and the boys have a new album recording at 3:20, and then i was thinking we could go to Six Flags: Kentucky Kingdom for the rest of the day." Niall answered. " sounds great babe" i kissed him. " so, while we wait for the lunch hour, how about we practice a song or two?" Harry suggested " sounds great" They all agreed. " Hallie, pick a song" Liam said " umm, Little Things." I replied " you Heard her, lets do it. " Niall said, strumming the notes on his guitar. " Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me, ut bear this in mine it was ment to be" Zayn sung along. I started to sing along with them. " and im joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks, and it all makes sense to me" Zayn and I sung. Everyone just stopped doing everything. Zayn stopped singing and Niall quit strumming the notes. Everyones jaw was dropped and eyes were on me. " what, was I that bad? " No, no, no love, your singing, it was like, indescibable. It was just amazing." Niall said " well, me and my best friends Kenzie, Olivia, and  I always wanted to make a band, but that was when we were in like, 1st grade." i explained " Well you shouldnt have lost the dream, because i bet you would be bigger than anything right now if you were in a band, or even on a solo career." Louis said " thanks guys. But I dont know about that lou." My phone viberated and it was a text from Kenzie. 'Hey, i saw u in a pic with Niall, what all that about. call me ASAP!' "hold on, i gotta make a call" i said and left the room, Niall followed me. I clicked her contact and called her. "Hey" She said. " Hai!!" i replied  "so whats with the pics of you and niall." " well, me and logan were getting, how do i say, iffy. yeah, and so he kinda raped me, and i escaped and was waiting for bub at Nandos, and i dropped my phone, and then i gotnoticed by One Direction, and they took me to the hospital and then me and Niall..." I explained, i asked Niall if it was ok to tell her that we were dating. " Yeah, so now im dating the most PhenomiNIALL guy in the world and hes just, well, perfect." i told her. " Hey, im around, wanna hang?" she asked " umm, i dont know, im going to lunch with Niall and then going with them to record, then were supposed to go to six flags after." " oh, ok" she sounded disappointed. " but, maybe you could come with us" i told her as Niall told me to do so. " oh, no i couldnt, theyre One Direction, I'd fangirl to death." " Oh hush anf meet us at Nandos in thirty." " kay, bye!!" she said and i hung up. " i got an idea." Niall said " call Olivia and have her meet us for lunch." " kay" i said curiously. I called Olivia and told her to meet us up at Nandos, then we were on our way. We got in nandos and i say Kenzie. " KENZIE!!!!!" i practally sreamed to her. " HALLIE!!!!!"  she screamed back. we ran to eachother and gave eachother great big hugs and caught up for like 30 seconds, then the boys walked over. " Hi, Were -" they started "ONE DIRECTION!!!! OMG YOUR ON MY WALL, AND IN MY CAR, AND LIKE OMG YOUR ONE DIRECTION" she yelled. she finnally calmed down and Olivia came in, and the same thing happened again, and we calmed her down and ate. " so look, were going to the studio, you girls gotta come with us, its official 1D buisness and you have to come" Niall stated, getting up. "ok" they replied. We all got to the studio and the boys went to talk to simon, recorded about 3 songs, and then they all came out and intoduced us to simon. " Ive heard lots about you Hallie, and i hear that you three wanted to start a band when you were younger?" Simon asked. " Umm, yeah, but thata - " i started " Niall, what did you do" " Sing for me you three" Simon demanded " ok" We quickly desided to sing what makes you beautiful. by the end of the first chorus, simon stopped us. " Ladies, this is a beginning of your forgotten dream. that is, if you choose." we all talked about it for about 3 minutes, and decided that we were gonna do it. " first, lets get a name for the band" Simon said " Triple harmony" we all said at once. " Beautiful, now, im going to sceduele a song writing corse next week, and then if it goes well,  well record, and hooefully within a month, well have a new album, and possibly a tour." simon explained. " Great, but, um, do you mind if we bring in some songs we wrote ourselves also?" Kenzie asked " of course, the band needs to be seen as who they truly are, and the ones you write yourself are the ones that tell the fans about who you three really are." Simon explained " great, by that, we already have about 6 songs for you to look at, or whoever you send songs to." Olivia said " ok, just make sure you bring them to me next week, your appointment is at 2:00 next tuesday." simon said. We all said our goodbyes and went to the car. Me and Niall pretty much made out all the way to the house. I guess it was my thank you present to him for his little trick. I cant believe that because of Niall, im going to be super famous!! " Hey, lets all do a twitcam"  Niall said. " ooooohhhhh yay, i love twitcams, ill go get my labtop so i can watch" i screamed " oh wait, nevermind" i said, sitting back on nialls lap " big directioner?" Niall asked " well duh, you all are amazing. its no wonder that 84 million girls are in love with you and constantly  reading fanfiction about you, kissing posters of you, and other things..." i went on and on and on. " Ello loves" liam said into his labtop. "Well, if you havent already heard, Niall has something he wants to tell you guys." Louis screamed at the pillow, then harry threw kevin into the kitchen " KEVIN, NOOO, YOU CANT FLY!!!! COME BACK KEVIN!!!!!!" he wailed jumping from the couch into the kitchen after kevin. " well, if you insist" Niall said, grabbing my hand and moving the labtop into his lap. " you see this beautiful girl right here, this beautiful, amazing, indefinable, perfect girl right here, well, heres a hint..." He said into the computer, then leans in and kisses my lips pationately. " Niall..." I blushed "Now, if you still dont know, me and Hallie here are dating. were officially Nallie, so trend it on twitter. And dont send her hate, shes my princess, and if you love me and the boys, you wont hate on niallers princess. i chose her, not the other way around. " he spoke with such passion. " and thats all were gonna do tonight. here in kentucky, its like 4 am. were gonna get some sleeps. good night loves" Liam said. The boys said theyre godbyes, and blew kisses, and closed the commputer. " well, im going up" Harry said, pointing upward twards the stairs. " Yep, were all going" Louis said in a sarcastic tone. Me and Niall got in our room, and  we got into our nightwear, and we cuddled all night long and fell asleep.

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