When i met you

When Hallie runs away from her rapist boyfriend logan, she hides at Nandos and awaits her brothers aid, but she drops her phone and is noticed by One Direction and is invited into the life of the boyband. (warning, not all 1D related and may get very graphic at points. you will be warned in the story about these, not recomended for ages under 12)


6. Song writing

~ The next Friday ~

"Okay Girls, lets think of our lats song for simon" i said " first, the lyrics, then well pick a name" olivia stated "okay, that works" Kenzie said, getting a piece of paper out. lets go over the lyrics we have already" i said " I feel the beat of the pouring rain, i just miss seeing your smile. When im missing you im in so much pain. Why dont you come and stay for a while. Because, you have my heart, and i dont want to be apart, i thought it was love at the start, and if its true , we shall never depart." we sung. " and thats a wrap" i said ready to get out of the coffee shop, the people were staring at us like all ' rape sloth '. " ok, ill give these to Niall to give to Simon." i said, picking up 14 sheets of songs. " i cant believe we wrote 8 songs in 5 days. We have 14 songs for our album, which we should call.." Kenzie askes " A Perfect Love " We all said at the same time. We had had it all planned out in 1st grade when we first met. i cant believe it was coming true. " well, im going to so home, i have a pop star boyfriend i wanna see." i said " so do I " Olivia whispered to herself " what liv?" i asked " oh, nothing, its just... me and ... Leo... were dating." she said quietly " Wait,  Leo, as in THE Leo, like Leo Howard.?" kenzie freaked. " well... yeah" Olivia said. " well as long as were confessing, im dating a guy, from school" " Who.." i asked "Matthew...Hager.." She said. "OMG, YOUR DATING MATT!!!!! OOOOOHHHH!!!" me and Olivia said. " yep, and its going really well." " well, i gotta go, Niall texted me, he needs me to come home now." " Kay, bye" Kenzie said


When i got home, Niall was asleep in the couch, with a cleaned plate of Nandos on his stomach. " NIALL!!!!" I yelled to wake him up, then sat in his lap, moving the plate to the table. " Shit, what time is it" He asked " hmmm, 4:26pm" i said. " ok, good. babe, can i ask you a question"  He got serious all of the sudden. " of course, anything" " ok, umm this is kinda weird, but do u believe in not having sex until marrige?" he asked " yeah, of course, but i might as well give that up from logan." " well, he cant hurt you anymore, as long as your in my arms, you'll be safe." he whispered in my ear. "Niall, can i ask yuo a question" " yeah babe?" " dont you  believe in not having sex before marrige" " well, thats hard to explain,  ill have sex when im ready, or if you can get my horny enough" " Well, how horny are you" " lil bit" "mkay, well, if you dont mind, im going to go lay down in our bed naked and wait for something to happen" i said getting up and heading for the stairs. " i think ill come with you"  he said following me. i ran upstairs and he ran after me, finally catching me in the doorway of our room. " now, about those clothes" he whispered, walking into the room. " nah ah ah, we can take turns, my clothes come off, so do yours." i said. " fine by me" he said " hmmm, lets play a game instead. how about we play hunnie if ya love me" i suggested " hmm, never heard of it." he said " ok, its simple. you go sit in the others lap, and you gotta try to make them laugh. within 30 seconds you sit in there lap, you gotta say ' hunnie, if you love me you'll smile' and after that they can say ' hunnie, i love ya but i just cant smile'. but if they laugh, giggle, grin, or smile, you lose, and you have to lose a piece of clothing to the winners choice." i explained. " sounds like good foreplay, im in." he agreed. " me first" he said, climbing into my lap."Hunnie, i wanna fuck you so hard right now, and if you love me you'll smile" " ahahahah" i laughed on the floor" " aha i win" he giggled " okay, okay, what" i asked " hmmm, shoes" he said. i took off my shoes, and put them  beside me. 

~ 2 minutes later ~

We were both down to our underwear, and me in a bra. i was sat in Nialls lap, my legs around his waist. " babe, lets just do this already." i said. " okay, but you should know, this is my first time." he said " well, its mine, well willingly." i added. " okay, heres an idea, we walk into the bathroom, get a towel, and wrap it around ourselves, then undress the rest of the way, and come out and sit on the bed. then we throw away the towels, so we both reveal ourselves at the same time?" i explained. " sure" he agreed. i walked into the bathroom, grabbed the towel, and wrapped it around myself, then undressed, and hopped into the bed. he did the same. " i just want you to know, i love you, and your the best thing thats ever happened to me" he whispered in my ear. " ready, 1, 2, 3!" and we threw the towels off and wrapped cuddled for about 5 minutes, just holding eachother.


~ this next part describes Niall and theyre sex. IT IS VERY DETAILED AND WILL BE VERY LONG!! so if your not supposed to read sexual parts, DO NOT READ ~ 


Let me describe Niall. His Penis was 8 inches, and he wasnt very horny yet. his abs were rock hard and his blue eyes were shining, staring into mine. " your beautiful, no matter what" He whispered. " Niall, im scared" i whispered " its ok, i am too, well go slow ok." he said, i nodded in agreement. He slowly leaned in to kiss my lips, i let his tougne enter my mouth, and we started grinding on eachother as we made out. this went on for about 15 minutes til we parted. " are you ready?" he asked " guess so, and you" " oh, wait" he said, pulling a condom from the bedside table. he rolled it on. " ready babe" he said. He slowly inserted his length into me, it felt so good. He started to kiss my lips again, this time my tounge entered his mouth. we went back and forth for a very pleasurable time. finally, i couldnt take it anymore. we parted, and i went down tward his penis. I peeled of the condom, and slowly massaged the head of his penis as he moaned softly. I finally bent over and placed my mouth on it, slowly running my tounge around the head, running my hand up and down his length as he moaned very loudly. i was glad nobody else was home. I slowly peeled off and rolled a new condom on. he insertred once more, and i moanded so loud it was a wonder the neighbors didnt hear us. we went ok for about 10 more minutes until we stopped. " babe, i just want you to know, that was great, but its just... well, i hope were not one of those couples that get addicted to sex, i mean, i love you, but its just.." "Niall i know, and just so you know, you were amazing. and i dont think were gonna do this to much." i answered. " and that is why i love you" he said as he kissed me.

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