When i met you

When Hallie runs away from her rapist boyfriend logan, she hides at Nandos and awaits her brothers aid, but she drops her phone and is noticed by One Direction and is invited into the life of the boyband. (warning, not all 1D related and may get very graphic at points. you will be warned in the story about these, not recomended for ages under 12)


2. Hospital with One Direction:)

We Walked in, well the boys did, Niall carried me, to the E.R."We have an emergency, i need this girl help immediately" Niall said to the Front desk lady " what seems to be the emergency" she said, looking at me " My crazy rapist boyfriend, well, ex-boyfriend now, threw a knife in my shoulder, and i think i may have spranged or broken my ankle" I said to her " Oh i see now, ill get you into a room staight way" she said, i could tell she was british. i was soon put on a gernie and wheeled into an observation room. 


~ Brief Author's Note ~

The story right now is in Kentucky, USA, sorry if anyone was confused. And if anyone else is confused on the subject, Hallie and Niall arent dating, yet. they might if it feels right later, or will somebody else get her? Read and find out. Plz comment if your confused on anything in the story, or message me, just let me know, also, hallie's name is pro nounced Hal-e thanks ~BrandonHenry74


" well Hallie, the results are back, your going to get stiches, and you didnt break or sprang your ankle, but you did injure it quite well, just wear this brace on it for a couple weeks, and take there for your shoulder" the doctor told me. " ok, do i need crutches, or do i just need to walk on it?" i asked " no, but if it starts to hurt serverly, come back and check." " ok, well be happy to" Niall answered " we? are you saying your going to come with me to the doctor next time" "yes, yes i am" " ok, good enough for me" Niall just smiled and laughed as i poked his cheek. " wait, oh no, wheres my phone!" i yelled and Niall found it and handed it to me, i instantly called my brother. " ello, bub, yes, im not at Nandos, im at the hospital, no logan didnt find me, yes i said hospital, room 114, 3rd floor, but i may not be here, i have to get stitches, ill let the boys tell you, just hurry, youll see." i hung up. 20 minutes later, my brother comes in, and just stares at me, looks at niall, who is holding my hand, and goes back to me, then at everyone else. " Um, hi, are you all the members of One Direction?" "yes" niall answered. " is that my sister" " depends, are you Brandon?" Liam asked " yes, i am" " then that is indeed your injured sister" Louis answered

" What happened, who did this to you? Logan? That -" "ENOUGH" I yelled as the doctor walked in. " Hallie, are you ready for stitches?" the doctor asked " sure, why not." i said as the nurses wheeled me down the hallway, niall still holding my hand. " actually doc, can i have a word with Niall a minute" I asked the doctor "sure, just be quick, we need to get the cleaned and stitched before it becomes infected." " ok" i answered " what wrong" " Niall, you should know by now, i have feelings for you, and not just because your famous, because you have been so nice and caring for me today, and you dont even know my last name! but i want to know if you have the same feelings, or is it a-" i was interuppted by his lips on mine, a sweet and pationate kiss that lasted about 20 seconds " i do, i have feelings for you, strong feelings, and have since i saw you at Nandos. i want to be with you, so Hallie Benson, with you be my pincess?" " ohmygosh Niall, of course, i cant believe this is happening" "because it isnt" he said " what" i asked him " this is all just a dream from the anxiety medicine they gave you. your not awake." he said softly "AHHHH" i screamed " Babe, calm down, it was a joke!" " Niall, dont do that! ou had me scared!" i fussed at him " ok babe, your ok, now, lets go get your stitches, and go home" " ok babe, ill see you in a bit, wait, wheres my phone?" i asked " here it is love, i put in mine and the boys numbers, just so you have them." " aww thats babe, ill see you when i get out" i said as the doc came back. " boyfriend?" he asked " oh yeah" i said smiling

~ after the stiches, on the way home ~

" um, Niall, where are we going?" i asked him " to our house" he answered " wait, so im going to live with you! ok, thats fine i guess, but wheres my bags" "Right here hal!" screamed louis from the back seat "um, is that my bra on your head?" i asked him " why yes, yes it is, and a nice one at that" he said, taking it off and putting it in my bag. The rest of the ride was quiet. Until we got to Nialls house.

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