When i met you

When Hallie runs away from her rapist boyfriend logan, she hides at Nandos and awaits her brothers aid, but she drops her phone and is noticed by One Direction and is invited into the life of the boyband. (warning, not all 1D related and may get very graphic at points. you will be warned in the story about these, not recomended for ages under 12)


1. Get Away From Me!

There i was, in my bedroom on my new flat with my boyfriend, Logan, living a normal life. Of course, not all was well in my life, it never was, so let me tell you about the day i ran away.

I was in my room watching the tv and Logan bursts into the room. "babe, dont you think we should take this relationship to the next level?" he says to me "ummm, not yet, im just not ready" " babe, come on, weve been dating for 3 months, lets have some fun" he says as he jumps on the bed, taking off his shirt. " I said no, im not ready, and 3 months isnt very long" i pointed out. " thats it, im done playing games, take off your clothes and get under the covers!" he yelled, pulling out a small silver knife. " Logan, stop, your being rediculous. Put that thing away before you hurt me." i said calmly to him " NO, NOW TAKE OFF YOU CLOTHES" just then, he took the knife and put it under my neck, i had no way out of this. I slowly took off my clothes, and got under the covers, and braced myself to be raped.


~ 4 weeks later ~


Logan had raped me everyday by this point. He was getting very addicted to making me unpleasured., so i made a plan. i packed a small suitcase and my purse full of everything i needed, money, make up, clothes, my phone, and other things. i was about to leave for work when he was ready for another rape spree. " Get in bed, now, your not leaving yet." he whispered in my ear. I went over to the bed, and told him i had to use the bathroom, he told me to be quick. so i darted to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. i unlocked the window and climbed down the vine. i was about 5 feet off the ground when i heard the door break. I looked up and saw logan looking down at me with his death glare."GET AWAY FROM ME!" i yelled at him. " If i cant have you, nobody can!!"  He yelled and threw his knife. I felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder, and i felt blood dripping down my back and chest. I fell to the ground, on my left ankle, fell down on my butt, and took out the knife. It was bad, about 4 inches deep, and about 3 inches wide, and blood everywhere. I slowly stood up, and pain exploded in my ankle, i knew it was either broken or sprained. i decided to run on it anyway, i got my bags from the bush, and began to run-limp on my ankle


i jumped the fence and ran down the street, grabbed my cell, and called the police, and my brother who was in the area., and told him to come pick me up at the new nandos. i hung up and continued to run, him chasing me. i ran down an alley and jumped another fence, and ran into nandos. i hid behind the christmas tree decorations, and waited for my brother to walk in with the code, " tipton for two, and please make it a booth.". after about 10 minutes, i texted my brother and asked him 'Where are you bub!', he quickly relied ' i cant get there, the car wont start, ill start running, meet you in 5, im bringing the pistol' i replied ' hurry, i think hes here!' and as soon as it said sent, i dropped my phone. When i looked up from picking it up, 5 boys were staring at me. " sorry for disturbing  you, i'll be going now" i said quickly " oh, no, no problem, you dont have to leave, please, join us" " uhhh, sorry, im kinda in an emergency situation, .... wait, your Niall Horan from One Direction!!! OMG, YOUR ON MY WALL!" i basically screamed. "umm, yes, i am, and do u need help, or does your chest and shoulder bleed like that all the time?" Niall asked " umm, yes, i need to get to the hospital, and i need to get there fast." i suspected he was going to offer to take me, and he did. "Oh, i co-" Lets go, he said, cutting me off, grabbed his jacket, and picked me up and walked me out of the resturant, and put me in the car. " Niall, i cant, im just-" " normal, yes i am to, but then i became famous, and im still normal, and im taking you to the hospital" " im going to ruin you, and your carrer, i bet someone took a picture of you caring me out of Nandos, theyre going to think were a couple." "umm, i dont mind that, i'd actually rather be rioted by paps then let you die, and i dont mind people think were a couple" " i think you would make a very cute couple, but not as cute as me and you" said Harry, climbing in the car, along with Liam, Louis, and Zyan. " Harry, shut up, shes injured, and your a big flirt, shes not going to be interested in you like that" Louis said, smacking him in the back of the head. " umm, ok. oww" i said " its ok, were almost there babe" Niall said, grabbing my hand, and holding it " babe?" " oh, im sorry, i didnt mean to-" " no, its quite alright, its just, nobody has ever called me that, especially a hot celebrity, oops, i wasnt supposed to say that last part." " oh, your fine, im glad you take an intrest in me, because i have taken an intrest in you" "OOOOOOOOH" Louis said from the back seat of the car. " Louis, shut up" Harry said " Harry, you shut up" Louis argued " Both of you shut up" Liam and Zyan said at the same time, then high- fived eachother.  We arrived at the hospital.

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