When i met you

When Hallie runs away from her rapist boyfriend logan, she hides at Nandos and awaits her brothers aid, but she drops her phone and is noticed by One Direction and is invited into the life of the boyband. (warning, not all 1D related and may get very graphic at points. you will be warned in the story about these, not recomended for ages under 12)


11. Authors Note

Hi guys, sorry to interrupt, but i realized i havent been updating in a while, so im gonna try to do that every so often, ill try to update it every friday or sooner. ill probably post about 1 - 3 chapters a week if im able. also, read this friday at 1:00 for a special chapter. the reason friday is so special is because its my birthday so i thought my readers deserved a present. so check in there. also,  im now doing new things at the begining of the chapters.thank you all for reading. i didnt update for a long time because i thought nobody was reading it, but i checked yesterday and i had 240 reads or something, so im going to make a huge effort to write more, better, faster and longer. i want you all to enjoy my writing and i havent been doing well lately, so im going to update a couple more chapters. finnally, ive changed the chapters a bit, so you might wanna reread them. and now, time to go get more chapters in. stay beautiful:) ~Brandonhenry74

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