When i met you

When Hallie runs away from her rapist boyfriend logan, she hides at Nandos and awaits her brothers aid, but she drops her phone and is noticed by One Direction and is invited into the life of the boyband. (warning, not all 1D related and may get very graphic at points. you will be warned in the story about these, not recomended for ages under 12)


5. ~Authors Note ~

I realize that there are many confusing things in the story. so let me clear it up

Liam and danielle are together in this <3

Zayn and perrie are together in this <3

Harry is single for now</3

Lou is with eleanor<3

and Niall is with Hallie <3

Setting: Kentucky U.S.A.


Q: how old is Hallie, and other info that is important to the story about her.

A: Haliie and Niall are 19, Hallie is 5"6 with brown hair with golden highlights, to the middle of her back.


Q: Is this story going to get perverted and/or sexual

A: Later it does get very sexual. so if you dont know what sex is and start not to understand, stop reading, bc in chapter 6, it will be getting very sexual. and for some of those readers that like to read sexual fanfics, im your writer.


Q: Can you update more often

A: Im trying to update it more often than i was. i update it irregularly. there isnt a set date to where ill update it bc my life is just so hectic, there isnt a way i could just sit at my computer and type a chapter without something happening, and then me having to save it as a draft, and it may take me days or weeks to finish it and publish it. but im going to try to start updating it more often.


I just wanna say that you all are amazing. im sorry for it taking so long for chapter 4 to come out. i was trying to find a good plot twist and make it interesting.  but it was really long. im working on chapter 6 after i publish this last part. I love all of you almost as much as i love one direction, and thats a lot. and if there is a girl named Haley Carver reading this, idk if something happened, if i made you upset and/or angry, but if you would, plz message me on fb or text me. i miss you alot </3 </3 sorry for the others that read that and wasnt her. but i do miss her. anyway. im going to go write chapter 6. much love xxxxxxxx ~BrandonHenry74

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