Love at first sight

Olivia and her friend Kathryn work together at an ice cream shop. Kathryn was obsessing over one direction like always when a customer came.katheyn wouldn't get it so olivia goes to get it she looks up and asks him what he wants and she knew it was the zayn Malik! Olivia felt a connection between each other will zayn and Olivia meet up some time or will they never see each other ever again?


1. Stupid job turned into best day ever

Olivia's POV: Kathryn there's a customer will you get it for me? "No Harry just tweeted I gotta spam him". Fine ill get it. I looked up and I saw the gorgeous brown eyes and I knew it was zayn Malik. "Hi what would you like zayn?" You know me? Says zayn. You say of course the whole world does. Right so what would you prefer love? You blush a little and say double chocolate chip with fudge. He says "yum sounds delicious ill have that" you say anything for you. You give him the ice cream and he's just about to ask you something right when Kathryn came up and screamed "OMG IT'S ZAYN MALIK!!" She's totally freaking out when she asked him for his autograph,you really wanted to know what he wanted to ask you so you give Kathryn the look and she says oh ill be right back. Zayn said "So Olivia would you like to go out sometime?" "Yeah I'd like that" you say so he says "when do you get off work?" "Um at 7:00" you say. "So here's my number and tell me what's time is best for you tonight!" Zayn says. Zayn goes to give you the money for the ice cream but you say "save it for tonight".
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