Last Chance At Forever

NON FAMOUS: Rhiannon. Torn between two guys. Her boyfriend of almost 5 years, Harry, & his best mate Zayn. Forced to choose. Who will she pick her childhood best friend, or her man on the side? Will Harry find out about Rhiannon's secrets?


18. The End Where We Begin

*Harry's POV*

How could I say something like that to Rhiannon. You're lucky I texted you. Hell I'm lucky if I get a response. Something bumped in the other room I stood up and glanced into my bedroom where Alice was still asleep in my bed. I was on the couch so I'm assuming nothing happened. We both we're drinking heavily and it led to us kissing but I'm pretty sure nothing else happened. 

I walked into the back room and shook her shoulder trying to wake her up. After many attempts of waking her up she finally opened her big blue eyes. 

"Good morning Harry," She said seductively, kissing me. 

I pushed her off of me, "You need to go."

"Whats wrong baby," She asked.

"I don't like you. I'm sorry but I love Rhiannon. Nothing compares to her. Please just leave," I said.

"Fine," She snarled walking out of my flat.

Rhiannon was walking around in my brain. She wouldn't leave my mind. I couldn't help but wonder if she was with Zayn. I walked out of my flat and out to my car.  

I drove down the long familiar road to my former best friends house. Zayn. Rhiannon had to be there. I knew she was. 


*Zayn's POV*

"Rhiannon. If Harry comes back to you would you stay with me?" I asked so pitifully. 

"I don't know Zayn. I love Harry," She said. 

Every word broke my heart. I put my head in between my hands and Rhiannon stood up and kissed me on the forehead.

"Of course I would stay with you," She said. "I love you baby."

I smiled and kissed her passionately. We sat down on the couch and watched some TV. I flipped through the channels. 

"STOP," Rhiannon shouted snatching the remote from me.

"I love this show," She said.

"What is it?" I asked. It looked retarded.

"Game of Thrones," she smiled.

We watched about half an episode when I snatched the remote back and turned it to something that wasn't awful.

"Hey," She whined.

She got up from the couch and let December out of her cage, "I'm gonna go walk her."


*Rhiannon's POV*

I walked out the front door and out into the grass when I saw a black Range Rover circle by. I knew that car. Harry.

I started walking back over to the door when he ran towards me and kissed me. I pushed him off of me. "Harry. Stop," I said sternly. 

"What do you mean stop?" He snarled.

"I'm happy with Zayn. You had your chance," I said.

"I had my chance? Are you kidding me? You're making a mistake. I was the best thing to ever happen to you," He said.

I turned around and punched him in the nose, "Best thing to ever happen to me? You can't even be nice and call me and say happy birthday. You send me a pissy text message. I'm done Harry. If you think I'm ever coming back your sadly mistaken," I said going back into the flat. 

"Zayn," I said.

"Yeah baby," He said.

"I just punched Harry in the face."

"What do you mean you punched Harry in the face? He's here?"

"Yeah. He came and tried to get me back. He kissed me and I pushed him off of me," I said.

Zayn stormed up off of the couch and outside where Harry was sitting on the porch like a creeper. Zayn looked at him and Harry got up and ran to his car and locked the door. "Open this damn door," Zayn shouted.

"No," Harry cried.

Zayn kicked a dent in the side of his car. "Don't you ever call Rhiannon or come back here again ass hole," He shouted.

Harry put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway. Zayn and I walked back inside and sat on the couch with December. She was really hyper this morning. She was jumping over the couch and running around the flat. 

"Do you think we were a little too extreme with Harry?" I asked.

"No. He got what he deserved," He said kissing me. 

Zayn put his arm around me and I laid my head on his shoulder. For once, everything felt right. I felt like I was right where I needed to be. 

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