Last Chance At Forever

NON FAMOUS: Rhiannon. Torn between two guys. Her boyfriend of almost 5 years, Harry, & his best mate Zayn. Forced to choose. Who will she pick her childhood best friend, or her man on the side? Will Harry find out about Rhiannon's secrets?


12. Reminiscing and Altercations

I didn't get to travel around a lot. My dad was always busy working and was hardly ever home, and my mother and I never got along. We all assumed my dad was cheating on my mom due to him never being home, and sadly we found out it was true. He moved out, and never came around. My mom blamed me for it. I don't know what I had to do with that but it was always my fault.

Therefore, I was never at home. I was always with friends and with their family. Mainly Harry. His mom was so sweet and offered to let me stay with them, if I shared a room with Gemma. I don't have any siblings so she was like the big sister I never had. We shared clothes, stayed up late and talked, and you know. Stuff sisters do.

I remember the time Harry and I had our first kiss. We were fifteen and in love. He took me to London for the day. Well, his mom took us. She was going anyway to take his sister, Gemma, shopping for a new party dress. While they shopped Harry and I walked around the city and took lots of pictures. You know what they say. Take lots of pictures, you'll only regret the ones you don't take.

We were sitting on a bench overlooking the water in front of the London Eye. It was dark outside and the stars were glistening in the sky. They were reflecting on the water in front of us. He put his arm around me and looked into my eyes. He leaned in and kissed me right there. It was perfect. Right after he kissed me, he pulled away and said "I love you." It was the first time he ever said it.

About a year after that is when we were really starting to get serious. We were inseparable. I mean we lived together, we went to school together, we did everything together. I don't know how we didn't get sick of each other. He always brought me around his friends which made me feel great. It told me he wasn't ashamed to have me around the guys.

There was one of his friends I always had a true connection with. He was tall, lean, and had caramel colored skin. He had black hair that always had a perfect quiff in the front. And who could forget those hazel eyes. You can probably guess who this friend is by now. If not let me break it down for you. It was Zayn.

Me and him never really got "intimate" until we were about 17. Thats when we started sneaking around behind Harry's back. I don't know what came over us, but we were also inseparable. It was difficult because we had to be apart. Harry couldn't find out.


*Present Day*

I laid on my bed in silence. I couldn't do anything but reminisce back to my childhood with Harry. Back when things were simple. I felt terribly guilty now. It was sinking into my skin. Harry was the only one for me and he is who I needed to be with. 

I got my phone off of my bedside table and rung Harry. It rang, and rang, and rang, and rang. Finally there was a voice at the other end of the line. 

"Hello," He said.

"Harry. I made a mistake," I said.

"Rhiannon. I'm not changing anything right now. We need a break."

"No we don't Harry. We need to be together," I said. "Do you remember how in love we were when we were younger?"

"Rhi we were kids. We didn't know what love was. Love isn't supposed to be constant fighting over nothing."

"I kno-"

"I have to go," He hissed as he hung up the phone.

Was he really still that angry with me? I thought he would be over it by now, he always was. I got up from my bed and walked into the bathroom to take a bath. I turned on the water and dimmed the lights a tad. I stripped down and stepped into the hot water. 

I looked down at my hand. It felt naked without my ring. I didn't like the way it felt. I would still be happily engaged if I knew how to control my emotions and if Zayn weren't around. DAMN YOU ZAYN! Why do you have to be so desirable? Then thats when I saw the cut on my arm. My thoughts went back to Zayn. What if he hadn't have been here to help me? I could've died.

I heard my phone ring in the other room, but I wasn't about to get up and answer it. If it was important they would leave a message. I soaked in the water for a bit longer before I got out. I wrapped a towel around my body and walked out into my room. I got a pair of my favorite yoga shorts and my favorite tank top. I changed and let my hair out of the bun that it was in. I walked into the living room and couldn't believe what I saw.

Emeli. Sitting there, just looking at me with  a sinister smile. "Hello Rhiannon," She hissed.

"What are you doing here," I asked walking towards her. She got up out of the chair and walked towards me and wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me into a hug. 

"Get the fuck off of me," I hissed, pushing her away.

She rolled her eyes and sat back down. "Grow up Rhiannon. It's obvious he wants me," She said.

I don't know what has come over her. Yes she typically stole guys from me, but she was never this bitchy about it!

"If he wanted you, why did he come see me after it?" 

"He feels bad for you. He thinks of you as a charity case," She growled. "He doesn't like you bitch!"

"You need to leave before things get ugly," I said trying to remain calm. She stood up from her chair and walked towards me getting in my face. "Or what," She hissed.

I pushed her off of me, and she reacted with throwing a left jab to my face. I grabbed her hair and pulled it as hard as I possibly could. I hit her in the nose causing it to bleed. She rolled her eyes yet again, and ran out of the door. She always scared easy. 

Was it true what she said about Zayn? Did he really think of me as a charity case? I went into my room and saw the call I missed earlier was from nobody other than Zayn. 

I gave him a call back. I needed to talk to him anyway about what had just happened. "Hello love," He said.

"We need to talk," I hissed. I was still mad about what had just happened with Emeli.

"About what?" He asked.

"We can't talk anymore. I'm not a charity case Zayn. I don't depend on you for anything," I hissed.

"What are you talking about love?"

"I'm not your love, and I know Zayn. I know what you said about me. Don't lie to me"

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